3 Front Lobby Trends and How You Can Implement Them

The front lobby serves as your first impression, waiting area, and window to the world. The experience that your clients have in your front lobby will determine if they come back again, and participating in the latest front lobby trends will only help your case.

Here are three of the cutting edge design trends from top businesses around the world and how you can easily implement them into your facility.

Easily Reconfigured Spaces

This trend comes from the medical industry and is based in the need to stay ahead of constantly changing conditions in the field of health care. Large health care providers are almost required to make a huge renovation to their lobby area every few years, and done in the traditional fashion, this can be quite a costly endeavor.

Some of the same trends that help to create modular exhibition stands for mobile transfer are used in stationary lobbies now in order to avoid all of the dust and noise that come from a change in landscape. Architecture firms now provide mockups of construction that can add or subtract internal rooms from the waiting area easily. The benefit to your business outside of the medical industry is the perception of always being on the cutting edge – a great look for tech companies, especially.

Mobile Check-In           

If you can get rid of the annoying paperwork that usually comes with a front lobby visit, do so. Mobile check-in technology allows hotel guests and dental patients alike to sign in before they ever hit the front door, meaning that they can actually enjoy their time in the lobby area rather than filling out paperwork. Clients simply swipe a key card that is loaded with the pertinent information upon reaching the lobby, and the rest of their time is spent getting coffee, reading magazines, and otherwise relaxing.

Alternatively, you can have staff that is armed with digital technology such as an iPad that can facilitate the speed with which the check-in process takes place. All of the confusing paperwork is now replaced by an easy sign-in system that prompts the user for the right information rather than the client having to search for it in the middle of useless text. The result is a much easier check-in process that leaves your client feeling more taken care of and relaxed in the lobby area.

Lobby as Social Space

This is an especially great technique for professional offices that have been thinking in this direction anyway. Pediatricians and children’s dentists have always wanted to create a social space as a lobby, but have never gone into the practice full bore. The trend is now here, and holding back today actually means that you may lose clients.

A Wi-Fi enabled lobby with lounge seating and a pod for the kids to play around in is now essential. You may have to expand the lobby space slightly for certain features, but there are many that can fit into your lobby today. A sectioned off sandbox with Legos, the latest plush cartoon toys, or digital devices with apps are great ways to give kids plenty to socialize around without needing a ton of extra space. One savvy dentist even invested in making his lobby an official Pokemon Go stop for children.

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