Traction Guest has built strong relationships with some fantastic companies across a wide range of industries. From small and medium sized businesses to enterprise corporations, our client base is as diverse as our offering.

What They Say About Guest

Implementing Traction Guest has definitely enhanced our visitor and employee experience. The check in process is simple and seamless. We’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback from our visitors as well as our team on how easy and convenient it is to use this product. Major benefit add to our workplace!
Raquel Ruark, Executive Assistant Build Direct
The best part of this technology is the experience on the side of both the guest and the admin. It makes a good first impression to our visitors. As an e-commerce company, we depict an image of professionalism and tech savviness. The sign in system enables our hosts to engage visitors in a timely and efficient manner.
Michelle Acabal, Executive Assistant Cymax
Welcoming guests into our business and notifying employees of their arrival is efficiently and elegantly handled by Guest’s sign in process. The system takes just moments to use. We particularly appreciate the alerts when visitors arrive, it’s amazingly useful in providing a welcoming experience to our visitors.
Tricia Smith, Director, HR Uniguest
Overall, the platform has been great for our head office. We just purchased licenses for three more offices. The support team at Traction Guest is great. They are very outgoing, communicative and easy to get in touch with for questions. It has been a very good experience for us here at Genesys and our internal team.
Myron Felix, Senior Manager Genesys
Our experience with Guest was very smooth. Traction’s team came across with utmost professionalism in crafting out a solution that worked for our needs, implementing it quickly and being available to us for any troubleshooting. The solution has enhanced our guest experience and helped us meet our contractual needs.
Aman Bhalla ATCO Structures & Logistics
Traction Guest has made our check-in process so much faster. It’s saved us a lot of time and our visitors love it too. It has more features than any other reception app we’ve tried out and I’d definitely recommend it to any organization that’s looking to speed up their visitor sign-in process.
Emily Lam Apeel Sciences

“ Streamlined the sign-in process for multiple tenants in commercial office blocks. ”

– Tara Giles, Director, Aramark Property

“ Guest is constantly developing their software and are very responsive to our requests. ”

– Justin Lawrence, Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc.

“ Comments from staff and guests – what an improvement, boy that was easy! ”

– Phil Keeling, Global BC, Corus

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