Discover our software features that transform every visitor experience and makes hosting simple and secure.

Administration & Customization

Traction Guest is designed to provide your visitors an efficient and secure sign-in process at workplaces and events. With a great level of customizability, you can adapt the experience to diverse use cases.

Central Administrative Console

Consolidate your visitor management in one platform. Access the digital guest book and administration through any browser, anytime.

User Roles

Make administration simple and secure by defining internal users with our Permission Bundles. Customize access levels based on business requirements.

Experience Editor

Customize a visitor’s sign-in experience based on who they are and why they are visiting. Define questions for vendors, prospects, contractors, or other guests.

Arrival Notifications

Automate your host notification process. Send instant notifications through email, SMS or Slack, customizable for each visitor type.

Your Branding

Design unique iPad themes and visitor badges to fully reflect your brand. Insert logos, choose fonts and select colours, customizable for each location.

Multiple Languages

Choose from a growing list of languages to customize the visitor experience across multiple locations worldwide. View all available languages.


Manage your deliveries by taking photos of shipping labels, quickly selecting the recipient, and automatically sending a customizable notification via SMS, email, or Slack. No separate app needed.

Single Sign-On

Simplify user log-in by connecting with any SAML 2.0 identify provider platform, such as OKTA, OneLogIn, ADFS. Create consistency with your company standards around application rights management.

Custom HTML Pages

Show any content on the iPad by inserting your own HTML or CSS code. The custom page can display any image, formatted text, or even embedded websites. Office evacuation maps are a good example.

Automated Badge Printing

Instantly provide visitors with a badge that includes the information you want, enhancing security and guest identification. Design your own badges with our intuitive WYSIWYG editor and use the badge printer of your choice.

Enhanced Security & Data Capture

Keep your data and people safe with visual identification, watchlists, visitor badges, electronic signatures, and more. Replace the paper lobby book and manage your visitor data securely in one place.


Screen your visitors against internal lists or a third-party database and trigger instant notifications when a flagged person signs in. Define security levels and alert relevant people or groups.

Visual Identification

Help your employees recognize their visitors by capturing photos upon check-in. The images are visible in the digital guest book and can automatically be added to the host notification and visitor badge.

Digital Signature

Capture e-signatures on NDAs, waivers, or other legal documents during the visitor sign-in process with GuestSign or our DocuSign integration. Set expiration dates and check the status, anytime, anywhere.

Built & Hosted on Heroku

Acquired by Salesforce.com, the Heroku platform is backed by leading standards of cloud computing security and privacy policies. Find out more about our platform security.

Meet Compliance Standards

Collect required visitor data to meet compliance standards. Export reports, capture legal signatures, print custom visitor badges, and more. Find out more about compliance.

Offline Mode & Alerts

Capture information even without internet. Data will be stored on the device until reconnected. Offline alerts are sent to the administrator in case the connectivity is disrupted on any device.


Leverage with one of many out-of-the-box integrations or build your own custom connection with GuestConnect. Shape up your workflows by linking the tools you already use.


Build custom integrations with systems that matter to you. Interact with open APIs and create webhooks to connect visitor management to other applications.

Active Directory

Automatically upload employees as hosts with Active Directory. Once connected, your visitors will be able to instantly notify the right people of their arrival.


Integrating Docusign’s e-signature functionality provides companies with the option to capture a visitor’s signature on legal documents during sign-in.


Deliver visitor arrival notifications directly to your employees using Slack. Integrate with the communication tool for your internal messaging.

Google Drive

Manage and store completed visitor documents in the cloud by integrating with Google Drive. Easily access files whenever you need them.


Manage event pre-registration and track attendance by integrating with Eventbrite. The service allows event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events.


Create event pages, manage registrations, and sell tickets with Picatic and directly integrate it with your visitor management platform.

Visual Compliance

Increase your security by screening visitors against third party watchlists with the international trade compliance software, Visual Compliance.


Scan visitors against the free consolidated screening lists by the International Trade Administration. Meet compliance standards and improve office security.

Leverage the World’s #1 CRM

Traction Guest’s Salesforce integration provides unmatched functionality including sophisticated field mapping, actionable analytics and the flexibility to handle any use case.

Supported Languages

Simplified Chinese
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