Traction Guest transforms your sign in experience with the features and functionality that enhance your visitor experience and makes administration simple.

Administration & Customization

Traction Guest was developed to not only provide your visitors with an efficient and secure sign-in process, but to also allow for additional use outside of your office lobby. With an amazing level of customizability in all aspects of the application, Traction Guest can adapt to several use cases and environments where sign-in is required. Let Guest help you manage visitor touch points across the organization.

Central Administrative Console

Accessed through your browser from any device at any time, with a administrative console built to be managed by the people who use it every day. Monitor visitors at all locations worldwide.

User Roles

Simplify the central admin experience by customizing access levels for internal users with our Permission Bundles. Fully customize who gets access to which features and data based on your business requirements.

Experience Editor

Modify a visitor’s sign-in experience based on who they are, why they’re visiting, visitor feedback and more. Provide different experiences and questions for vendors, prospects, candidates, family, or any other visitor type.

Arrival Notifications

Automate the host notification process. Guest supports notification through email, SMS or through one of our many integrations.

Customizable Branding

Insert your logo and customize the imagery to reflect your brand and meet guidelines. Managed through the central admin console, customizations can vary by device and location and can be activated in seconds.


A growing list of 12 languages through all customer facing interfaces and notifications. View all 12 available languages.

Enhanced Security & Data Capture

Guest enhances the physical security of your office with better visitor recognition through automated badge printing, picture taking functionality and guest arrival notifications. It protects intellectual property by ensuring guests sign an NDA and also keeps nosey visitors from seeing who has previously signed in. Oh yeah, and it checks all standards for compliance.


Screen your visitors against pre-built lists and trigger instant notifications when a flagged person signs in. Define security levels and alert relevant people or groups.

Visual/Facial Identification

Help your employees recognize their visitors by capturing headshot photos upon check-in. Headshots are delivered immediately to hosts after sign-in and are stored and available at any time through the administrative console.

NDA Capture

Capture a visitor’s signature on an NDA or confidential document during the sign in process, using our Docusign Integration. Each customer who purchases Traction Guest receives a free DocuSign account for use with the application.

Built & Hosted on Heroku Platform

Acquired by Salesforce.com, the platform is backed by the world’s highest standards of cloud computing security and privacy policies.

Meet Compliance Standards

Collect any required data, ask any question and have visitors sign documentation, meet many compliance standards and regulations. Unsure if Guest can meet your specific requirements? Contact us.

Offline Mode & Alerts

If Guest is operating in an environment without internet connectivity, it will continue to operate and store information on the device. Once it has reconnected, all data will be pushed to the cloud. In the event that internet connectivity is disrupted on any device at any location, offline alert notifications are sent to the central administrator.

Automated Badge Printing

Instantly provide visitors with a badge that includes the information you want, enchancing security and guest identification. Design your own badges with our intuitive WYSIWYG editor and use the badge printer of your choice.


Traction Guest integrates with the systems companies use most to support facilitating better interactions, to enhance security and to deliver the right data to the right people.


Many companies use Salesforce to manage their sales process and customer data. Integrating Salesforce with Guest allows them to manage all visitors with the same processes as with a lead or contact.


Integrating DocuSign’s e-signature functionality provides companies with the option to capture visitor’s signature on an NDA or confidential document during the sign in process.


Deliver guest arrival notifications directly to your employees using Slack for internal messaging.

Active Directory

Automate the employee upload process into Guest with Active Directory. Once connected, your visitors will be able to instantly notify the right people of their arrival.

Google Drive

Store your completed DocuSign documents on the cloud platform Google Drive. Easily access them whenever you need them.


Integrate registration and tracking for all of your online events.

Supported Languages

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese