New Features Release: Summary Page, Improved Forms and More!

With each release, we push to make Traction Guest a better platform and provide you with an enhanced visitor experience. This week we’re excited to introduce five key enhancements that you’ve been asking for.

We’ve made the Experience Editor more flexible with an improved Form page, in addition to the new Summary and HTML pages. While a Secondary Button on the Welcome page gives you the option to branch visitors into a separate journey from the start.  We’ve also modified the CSV export to provide more options in what you’re able to do with visitor data.

Let us explain a bit further.

1. Improved Form Page

Before this release, the Form page let you gather additional guest information following the About You page. However, we’ve enhanced the Form page, so you have complete control over the sign-in process. By adding an email field, the Form page now acts as the About You page. This simplifies the visitor sign-in process and helps you collect the most relevant data.

This means that you don’t have to rely on the five fields on the About You page (First Name, Last Name, Company, Email, and Mobile), and you can get all the necessary visitor details on a single page.

Traction Guest Features Release - Form Page

2. Summary Page for Visitor Self-Service

We’ve always wanted to give your visitors the ability to improve their own data, and the Summary page enables them to do just that. This new page lets anyone review their own record, make changes and sign themselves out following a visit.

The Summary page will complete your understanding of who is visiting your location with the most up-to-date data from the best source, the visitor. It also improves office security, as you can now see who signed in and when they signed themselves out.

Traction Guest Features Release - Summary Page

3. Secondary Visitor (Sign Out) Journey

If you’d like to add a second button to your Welcome Page, you can now enable the Secondary Button functionality. It can be used for any purpose, including visitor sign-out or a language selection.

For instance, you can give guests the opportunity to sign themselves out following a visit. The secondary button enables you to create a custom sign-out process from the first screen. This process can include any visitor journey pages you’d like, such as a survey. In this example, a Summary Page would be required in the journey to ensure a successful sign-out.

Traction Guest Features Release - Sign Out Journey

4. Customizable HTML Pages

We wanted to give you flexibility in the way information is displayed to your guests. This is why we added a full HTML editor to the Experience Editor. Including an HTML page in a visitor journey allows you to share information with your guests that might take a little longer to digest, like a map of the building and its escape routes.

An HTML page ensures that your visitors can take their time to fully understand the information being presented to them, so they are better prepared for their visit. This page provides endless opportunities to customize your experience even further.

5. Updated CSV Export

While you’ve always been able to export data from Guest, it wasn’t formatted for easy data manipulation or loading. To facilitate this, we added a data-centric, CSV file option. For instance, if you want to be able to build reports and dashboards with your visitor data in your CRM, the CSV export option makes this easy.

While the CSV-export is enabled by default, you can still toggle back to the human-readable view before exporting.

Traction Guest Features Release - CSV Export

This new functionality gives you enhanced customizability in your visitor journey and we encourage you to try them out with a free 30-day trial.

If you’d like to learn more about all of Guest’s new features, all the details are available in our Help Community. Please let our Customer Success team know if you have any questions.

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