Present Unique Experiences Tailored to Your Guests

Traction Guest is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade guest management platform that presents visitors with a unique sign in experience. Companies can now better understand who their visitors are, how often they’re visiting and where. Installed and configured in minutes, one platform services unlimited locations and enables you to create infinite experiences.

Don’t buy inflexible visitor management applications or tools that solve one use case. Invest in a platform that provides your organization the flexibility and creativity to adapt to any guest experience.

Build Personalized Experiences with Adaptive Design

Guest’s Experience Editor allows you to tailor each visitor’s sign-in experience based on who they are and why they are there, collecting only the information that matters most. This adaptive design means your sign in process and requirements dictate how the platform operates, not the other way around.


visitor experiences

Drag & Drop


Relevant Content



Provide Global Consistency in Brand and Service

Central administration means one user can configure, manage and tailor every individual visitor experience across the enterprise, ensuring brand and service standard are met with consistency. The platform’s intuitive admin console means it lives in the hands of the people who use it every day.

Custom Branded

to meet your local and organizations standards

12 Languages supported

through customer facing interfaces and notifications

Deployed Globally

Protect Your People, Process & Technology

Security threats affect data, people and physical spaces. Hosted on the world’s most trusted cloud platform and leveraging DocuSign’s enterprise-grade e-signature technology, Guest protects your data. It also better identifies visitors by printing name tags and recording headshots and reason for visiting.

DocuSign Embedded

for best-of-breed e-signature capabilities

Unlimited Scale

hosted on the world’s most trusted cloud platform

Instantly Search

Integrate with the Systems Businesses Use Most

The platform maintains a growing list of best-of-breed integrations based on use cases developed by our customers. As your business looks to connect the platform to more systems and devices, we’ll continue to develop innovative and comprehensive integrations to enhance Guest’s capabilities.

Designed with Flexibility and Creativity

The platform was developed to provide you the flexibility to design and implement custom experiences based on your exact business and sign-in requirements.

There is no compromise or bending to technology. Adapt the Guest platform to suit your organization’s needs and discover use cases never seen before.

Configured & Reconfigured

in minutes

Flexibility & Creativity

to adapt any guest experience

Develop Use Cases

See For Yourself

Your brand interacts with different types of guests all the time. Be it in the office, at an event, in the field, or at a store. No guest and no experience is ever the same. If you’re using technology to support that experience, whatever that technology is should adapt to the situation. Not the situation to the technology. Discover some of the most common use cases and start thinking about how they could work for you.


Shoppers often have a hard time knowing where to find certain products within our store. I want to put an iPad at the entrance that helps them navigate the floor and find products more easily.

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Shopping Solution

Simply let them choose which category of products they're looking for and then based on their choice, display a map of where it's located in the store and highlight the best route to it. You can also notify one of your sales associates that a shopper is headed that way.

Serious businesswoman gesturing with her hand as she is being watched by her colleagues with focus on the businesswoman

Guest Panel

We host a lot of guest panel events. We need to give the audience an easy and non-disruptive way to submit questions to the moderator who can then pose them to the panel.

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Guest Panel Solution

This is a quick and easy experience to build! Simply create a page where audience members can ask their question and put in their name. The host, who is monitoring the admin console, then has the questions delivered right to his screen.

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Employee Onboarding

As a part of our employee onboarding program, we have a number of safety videos and articles that need to be read before starting the job. We need every new employee to go through them and sign off that they've completed them.

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Employee Onboarding Solution

With the ability to embed YouTube links as well as display any documents or articles, you can easily train people using Guest and then ensure they've completed the material by having them sign using DocuSign.


Sports Event

We host major sporting events and we want to collect fan feedback during and after the event. We want to put iPads in places where we know fans linger and incentivize them to fill out a survey with a $5 concession coupon.

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Sports Event Solution

Great idea! Collecting fan feedback is easy as you can ask any question (and any number of questions) you want, while collecting all customer contact data at the same time. Then just have them opt-in for communications so you can send them the coupon.


Department Store

We want to put iPads throughout our department store so that shoppers can easily request a customer service rep to come and help them.

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Department Store Solution

Using Guest, you can allow shoppers to choose which department they're currently standing in and have the request immediately sent to the appropriate customer service rep.


Field Services

Every time our field service reps visit a job site, we need to ensure they're wearing their hard hat and steel-toed boots. They also need to sign a safety and liability waiver.

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Field Services Solution

Field Services is a great use case for Guest. The platform allows you to take multiple pictures and review/sign any required document, even offline and sync them up when they're back in the office.


Supported Languages

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