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We’ll take you from greet to great.

Protect your facilities, employees and guests while transforming host and visitor experience. Streamline the entire visitor cycle from pre-registration, to arrival, to on-site experience, to check-out.

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Video tour.

All your visitor needs, one connected platform.

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Configure check-in specific to every location and visitor type.

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Validate citizenship and IDs with government-grade scanners and security guard interface.

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Streamline event sign-in, engaging attendees before, during and after events.

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Before we had Traction Guest, there was no NDA capturing, no solid record of who was on site. We needed to protect the company. The security and safety components were crucial. Traction Guest has improved our security a lot.
Facility Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Visitor operations best
practices during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Strategies and best practices to protect your facilities, employees and visitors during disease outbreaks.

Enterprise in scale. Enterprise in build.

Traction Guest is fully scalable and can be deployed globally. Plus, it can be configured to the widest range of enterprise use cases and visitor types.

Endless configurations.

Configure check-in specific to every location and visitor type.

Secure architecture.

SOC2, data residency, multi or single tenancy, compliance enablement.

Industry expertise.

Whether it’s manufacturing, technology, healthcare or utilities, Traction Guest is expertly transforming how every industry protects people and data.

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Momentum leader in visitor management.

Traction Guest is the momentum leader in G2 Grid for Visitor Management, outpacing industry growth by delivering innovative solutions and highest customer satisfaction results.

The latest VMS
report is here.

Download Traction Guest's 2019-2020 Visitor Management Report to get key insights into the impact of a visitor management system for employees, facilities, and data.

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