Traction Guest launches dedicated Canadian data center

Traction Guest announces dedicated Canadian data center for its visitor management platform to enable local organizations.

Protecting data has become a fundamental concern for companies. Legal requirements are imposed on industries and governmental institutions that handle sensitive personal information. Organizations operating in these highly regulated environments are expected to store and process data locally which limits their ability to adopt global solutions.

Traction Guest has introduced a dedicated Canadian data center for its visitor management system, taking the lead in supporting local educational and governmental institutions in managing their visitors more effectively and securely.

Canadian data center for visitor management

“Servicing global organizations, we understand the operational challenges they face and continuously look for better solutions that help companies in the public and private sectors evolve. We are excited about the opportunities our new data center will create for Canadian organizations,” says Keith Metcalfe, Managing Director at Traction Guest.

With the option of local data residency, a leading university based in British Columbia has now been able to improve their campus management with cloud-technology. Their vision is to create a unique experience for alumni and other visitors while increasing data volume, efficiency, and physical security.

As a rapidly growing tech company, Traction Guest is a leading vendor in the expanding category of cloud-based visitor management solutions (VMS). Going beyond a simple check-in app, businesses can capture and access more data, integrate legal document signing, automate visitor badge printing, and fully customize the visitor experience. Read more about the impact and evolution of this technology in the 2017 VMS market analysis.

According to Metcalfe, this is just the first step for Traction Guest. “We’re committed to data protection and are working on growing our list of local repositories to provide enterprises with more flexibility in managing visitor data,” says Metcalfe.

  Keith Metcalfe, Managing Director of Traction Guest.