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G2Crowd Names Traction Guest a Category Leader for Visitor Management Systems

G2Crowd Names Traction Guest a Category Leader for Visitor Management Systems Photo

Still the Visitor Management System Category Leaders

We are thrilled to announce that, for the second time in a row, G2Crowd has  named Traction Guest a Category Leader for Visitor Management Systems. We've been at the forefront of this category since G2Crowd first recognized it, and are now pushing it into new territory.

But hold on, you say. Wait. Why should I care? What do these industry awards mean, anyway?

Talk Is Cheap

Whenever businesses talk about themselves, we all (rightfully) raise a skeptical eyebrow.

In business, and life, if you want to know about someone, listen to what other people say about them. You can fake a conversation, but you can’t fake a reputation.

That’s why the G2Crowd Category Leader recognition matters. G2Crowd is an unbiased user-review hub that helps people choose the best software products for their businesses. Because of its objectivity, we’re always eager to see what our customers say about us on G2Crowd. Things like:

“We are thrilled with the innovation of Traction Guest.”

“The support from the staff is outstanding.”

“If you need a guest sign-in software, this is one you should definitely consider.”

“We love to see reviews like this,” says Ryan Canby, our Customer Success Manager. “As a team we celebrate the real positive impact we are having on our customers.”

We were proud when G2Crowd named us a Category Leader for Visitor Management Systems (both times) because it gave us empirical evidence for what we already knew: Traction Guest sets the standard for cloud-based Visitor Management Systems.

What Does It Mean to Be a Category Leader?

Visitor Management Systems (VMS) are cloud-based platforms that provide a more efficient sign-in experience for both visitors and hosts. They also give organizations more holistic customer data while empowering them to provide better security. And that’s just for starters.

If you'd like a more detailed run-down of the VMS space, download our Visitor Management report.

VMS is a relatively new category, and as one of the first cloud-based VMS platforms, we've been shaping and defining this category from the beginning. But that alone doesn’t make us leaders. We are leaders because our customization, scaleability and dedication to security set us apart from the alternatives. For example:

    • Our Experience Editor tool allows users to craft limitless tailor-made sign-in experiences for different types of visitors.
    • The GuestWatch feature screens visitors against third-party or custom watchlists, letting organizations quickly identify both VIP’s and security threats.
    • Our SOC 2 Attestation means our data residency, security and service options are second to none.
    • We offer integrations with platforms like Salesforce and DocuSign, while our GuestConnect tool lets users build their own integrations with virtually any software they choose.
    • Our cloud-based platform can scale up to serve enterprise organizations of any size, from one screen in one office to thousands of screens in multiple locations around the globe.

Leading also means blazing the VMS trail. This space is just heating up and we have big plans to expand the scope of what a VMS is and does. We are taking this category to new places in the coming months; stay tuned to our blog to find out where, exactly, we're taking it.

How Does G2Crowd Determine the Leaders?

G2Crowd analyzes their customer reviews to rank the companies within each business category. Here are just a few things they consider:

    • Use-ability for both customers and administrators
    • The ROI (return on investment) for users
    • Number of user recommendations
    • Ease of doing business
    • Quality of support

Our G2Crowd reviews are authentic. We don’t offer Amazon gift cards or anything else in exchange for favourable reviews. If we did that, it would defeat the purpose of listening to our customers. For us, genuine customer reviews are invaluable. We use that honest feedback to inform and shape the future road map of Traction Guest. Every review we receive is a gift.

If Talk Is Cheap Then Why Are You Talking?

Is that what you’re thinking? If so, we get it. You shouldn’t take our word for any of this. Instead, we invite you to check out our many G2Crowd reviews here. We recently celebrated our 50th review, so there are many to choose from!

If those reviews make you curious, book a demo and see what Traction Guest can do for you.