Global Security Exchange Conference 2018: a CTO’s Security Odyssey

Good security is like good plumbing; if it’s done right, no one thinks about it. But if anything goes wrong, nothing else seems to matter very much. That’s why the team at Traction Guest works hard to make sure that, through our Visitor Management System (VMS), we deliver security measures that are second to none.

To bolster this work, our CTO, Cameron Wiebe, is headed to the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference in Las Vegas this September. GSX is the foremost security event in the world; each year, over 22 000 security professionals from more than a hundred countries attend. We caught up with him to find out why he’s excited about attending the GSX this year.

Traction Guest at GSX

GSX focuses on both Physical/Operational Security and Cyber-Security. Which aspect of security is Traction Guest concerned with and how does it fit into that space?

CW: We deal with physical access security, which means we’re responsible for the human element – people coming and going. That refers to a visit or an intent to visit, and our security features are built into both of those stages. We ensure that people who show up to your organization are invited, are supposed to be there, and are not on any relevant watchlists.

Because we provide a Visitor Management System, we are always striking that balance between a friendly visitor experience and air-tight security. As a “high-touch” application – every single one of an organization’s visitors, or even employees, will directly interact with Traction Guest – we believe that, perhaps counterintuitively, creating a good experience for visitors and hosts will achieve better security.

As CTO of Traction Guest, what are you looking forward to about the GSX?

CW: Security has always been a key concern for us, but in the past six months we have put a huge focus on how visitor management can help organizations optimize their physical security. With that in mind, I want to find out what leading security experts think about Visitor Management Systems: what they like, what’s frustrating them, what they wish this technology could do, that sort of thing. The goal is to understand existing pain points, growing risks and new opportunities, so we can continue to build and improve our product to help people solve real problems.

Going into GSX, what are you hoping to learn?

CW: This conference is a golden opportunity to meet innovators and experts, and I’m hoping to build connections and share ideas with them. Specifically, I want to explore how visitor management can play a part in making ACM (Access Control Management) a more friendly, seamless experience for visitors. But beyond that, I’m planning to keep an open mind and see if I can find new inspiration.

Which GSX events are you looking forward to?

CW: Scott Klososky’s keynote address is going to be about how humans and technology can work together to protect people better, and since Traction Guest does exactly that, I’m curious to hear his ideas.

I’m also looking forward to an event we’re hosting: a Whisky Tasting at the Whisky Attic. It’ll give me a chance to connect with folks away from the noise and bustle of the conference, and will be an ideal place to hear people’s impressions about Traction Guest, our approach to security, or anything else.

Are there any new aspects of Traction Guest that you’re eager to share with the people at the GSX?

CW: I’m looking forward to demonstrating GuestWatch that allows administrators to screen guests and manage which people they want to look out for. This could mean security concerns, but also VIPs. We can flag these individuals when they’re invited to visit or when they check in, making sure the right person knows they are there. We’ve also just introduced a feature that can search for visitors’ known aliases, and I’m looking forward to getting some feedback on that.

We also have another new development in the works. With our focus on offering the most scalable and customizable visitor management platform, we are moving beyond a self-check-in solution, adding the option of assisted check-in that enables security personnel to scan government-issued ID like passports or drivers licenses. For some locations, this will make the process faster, easier for everyone, and much more secure.

And while it’s not new, I’m always eager to share our Experience Editor with people. It’s the technology that allows administrators to easily customize their own visitor management process, and it really sets us apart. Our customers rave about it pretty regularly and I never get tired of showing it off.

What is the one thing you hope people at the GSX Expo take away from Traction Guest’s Expo booth?

CW: That’s easy: You don’t have to sacrifice heightened security for a great user experience!

If you’re attending GSX this year, drop by our booth (Number 4019) to meet Cameron and find out more about his vision for visitor management. You can also read more on how a customizable VMS allows organizations to increase their security in this article.