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Introducing Frontline: Back to work and essential operations solution

Introducing Frontline: Back to work and essential operations solution Photo

COVID-19 continues to pose new, significant threats to enterprise organizations, affecting the health and wellbeing of employees while bringing the potential risk of closing down facilities and shutting down operations.

Before the global pandemic this year, physical security leaders identified risks to facilities, people, and company assets. Security teams developed playbooks, response scenarios, and protection strategies for an organization with multiple layers of defense around the known facility perimeter. These defense strategies safeguarded against possible physical violence, data or asset loss, facility harm, or contamination.

Visitor management before the pandemic

Access control technologies were critical to identifying and allowing physical entry of known and trusted employees and contractors, while visitor management systems helped reduce the risk of visitors not known to the organization. Watchlists, ID screening, and visible badge identification increased physical security and system automation helped drive process efficiency.

New threat targets employee health and viability of onsite operations

With a global pandemic in full swing, companies are facing a new threat - the possibility of employees in physical worksites to come in contact with a life-threatening virus. So what does it mean to protect an organization and its employees in this new reality?

  • The risk can come from anyone - employees, contractors, visitors, executives, or vendors.
  • Proactive health and safety protocols are the new layers of defense. Companies need to follow the layered security approach and every employee is accountable in following these new workplace guidelines.
  • Companies have a duty of care to notify anyone affected in the case of an identified COVID-19 case.
Chart pandemic - VMS adoption

Visitor management during and after the pandemic

Visitor management was built from the ground up to deal with the threats of the unknown. To proactively screen, identify individual risks, capture the moment of facility entry, establish visit protocols, and track anyone that went on site. These capabilities are now leveraged to address the new safety threat of COVID-19.

What is Traction Guest Frontline?

Traditionally, physical security teams were leading security initiatives. As we’ve observed COVID-19 impacting employees and visitors across all geographical locations, departments such as HR, EHS, front desk, and facility management have formed the enterprise frontline team. They are working tirelessly to reduce the risk of transmission and restructure facilities to meet new safety standards. Enabling these teams with the tools that protect their health, increase their efficiency, and in turn create a sophisticated defense structure is the goal of the Traction Guest Frontline solution.

The Traction Guest Frontline mobile app puts the power of the entire Traction Guest platform and ZeroTouch™ capabilities into the hands of those on the enterprise frontline. New features enable designated staff to use their mobile device to: 

  • Deploy a completely touchless solution that enforces pandemic-prevention protocols and enables a fully contact-free sign-in/sign-out experience – no kiosk required
  • Invite and pre-screen employees and visitors before granting onsite access, ensuring compliance with location-specific visitor limitations
  • Quickly notify invitees, check watchlists, delete invites and issue QR codes directly from the app
  • Educate employees and visitors on proper visit procedures and personal protective equipment (PPE) usage
  • Expedite group check-ins helping to manage lobby queues more efficiently and while enforcing social distancing
  • Track location capacity limits relative to the number of expected/signed-in guests, helping to decrease check-in time for faster queue management and fewer exposure windows
  • Manage deliveries and notify employees to pick up their deliveries without coming into contact with another person
  • Receive watchlist notifications for employees and visitors deemed high risk, with the ability to revoke onsite invitation
  • Execute a roll call and distribute evacuation notifications in the event of an emergency, to account for each person onsite
  • Implement contact tracing when a person who was onsite tests positive for COVID-19, as well as identify and communicate the risk to exposed parties

While these features enable the majority of local or federal requirements for back to work scenarios, it is clear that safety requirements will evolve over the next months as organizations are dealing with the constantly changing landscape of COVID-19. Traction Guest Frontline solution is built to address the immediate concerns of enterprise organizations, while the Traction Guest platform is built to address the long term roadmap of changing safety and compliance regulations.

We’ve made it a priority to focus on secure approaches to the needs of enterprise frontline workers. We are supporting organizations in moving towards automating everything from health and safety risk management and regulatory compliance, to workplace violence prevention, and more. A protected workplace is a productive workplace. Our enterprise visitor management platform is at work 24x7x365 making the workplace a better place to be.