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Meet our new Vice President of Marketing, Maria Osipova

Meet our new Vice President of Marketing, Maria Osipova Photo

We recently welcomed Chris Barone as our new VP of Sales. In the short time that he’s been at the helm he’s done a sterling job of consistently scaling the inside sales team and generally “knocking it out of the park,” to use his phrasing.

Maria Osipova is the second of three new vice presidents we’re adding to our leadership roster. She will be leading the marketing department during a period of dynamic growth with our focus on being the leading provider of enterprise level visitor management systems. Maria has the task of capitalizing on our current momentum as we expand our global footprint.

Maria found herself slowly winding across Canada from the East Coast to finally establish herself in Vancouver along with her husband and 13-year-old son who is “all about the sports” right now. When she's not cheering him on from the sidelines, she heads out for a trail run or goes to kicks up some serious dust in Muay Thai or kickboxing classes.

Settling in Vancouver for the past 10 years was not only because “the weather is just so much better here,” but the ever-evolving talent pool in the tech sector she insists keeps getting bigger and better due to a highly competitive market space.

I had a chance to sit down with Maria for a quick Q&A session before she officially steps into her new role.

Can you give us a little bit of a background of your career in tech marketing?

I discovered my passion for marketing early on as I studied consumer behaviorism and human resource management in psychology at the University of Waterloo. After my co-ops at a global mobile management, security and enterprise database software company, I knew that’s where I wanted to focus my career.  I consistently grew in marketing roles at a number of great tech companies. They were quite diverse. Video conferencing, IT solutions, security and encryption as well as mobile event platforms. At MediaValet, I initially joined as Marketing Director, later stepping into the position of VP of Marketing where I grew the brand and marketing team from ground zero.

We were leaders of the enterprise digital asset management category for the last three years.

What do you feel were the contributing factors to your success in the tech marketing industry?

Whether I was in a general coordination position or heading the marketing team, I always focused on driving sales, meeting growth demand and finding ways to add value to the customers.

I got to work in close proximity to the sales team as my positions' scope grew, eventually taking full ownership of building the pipeline. I think my success is the result of this holistic focus and determination. It resulted in driving 85% of the pipeline and accelerated revenue growth at both my previous two companies.

What is it that attracted you to Traction Guest?

Your incredible reputation in the industry as having a culture of service and dedication. Most of all it was the opportunity to drive exponential growth. There is an immense opportunity in the visitor management market with strong potential of building and overtaking the category.

I really enjoy starting the market expansion with small and medium enterprise companies (SME) and gradually moving into the Fortune 1000 space. They have already seen scale and success and it’s here where you still encounter a rapid rate of innovation.

What excites you about entering the VMS space at this point in time?

I find it fascinating that visitor management is one of those untransformed areas that has been on the periphery of immense digital transformation in every other system. Look at the way CRMs changed the management of relationships, improving them significantly. Then you get to visitor management and guests are still expected to sign into a log book.

There’s outstanding potential for transformation and customer impact that very few systems in the market exhibit.

What are the goals and opportunities you see in this new position and what is the impact you hope to make?

The most important goal is growth at this point in time. Chris Barone is focusing on scaling the inside sales team exponentially. They’ll need support, opportunities and useful resources across the entire customer journey at their fingertips.

It also provides the opportunity to add distinct value to immediate and future customers. I truly believe that this class of marketing should be empathetic in focusing on customer needs, whether it’s educational or inspirational. It should be content that enables customers to make decisions that lead to successful implementation.

What are some of the challenges you foresee in scaling Traction Guest as it targets the enterprise market?

I think that VMS is still in its very early adoptive stages and not necessarily a term that naturally comes to mind for anyone tasked with implementing it. The challenge is elevating the category and the need within the enterprise sector. The task is challenging, but I find it to be a riveting part of any type of modern marketing.

Well, that’s all we have time for.

But we haven’t talked about sales alignment and growing out with account-based marketing strategies targeting enterprise accounts…?

What companies want from their vice president of marketing is someone who has acquired in-depth knowledge from vast experience in their field. Coming armed with terabytes full of strategic ideas and industry connections completes the requirements of such an ideal candidate. We think we found that person in Maria Osipova.

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We’re not about stop expanding anytime soon. If you see yourself a match to any of the positions on our careers page, drop us a line.