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Redefining the visitor experience: Proxy x Traction Guest webinar

Redefining the visitor experience: Proxy x Traction Guest webinar Photo

Nobody thinks that key cards or stop-and-wait check-ins at workplaces are pleasant experiences. Particularly, when it comes to visitors.

It is inefficient, confusing and typically stressful for guests who are trying to navigate through an unfamiliar building with undefined processes. Proxy, an innovator in mobile access solutions, and Traction Guest have been working together to streamline this experience for visitors while simultaneously providing structure and visibility for hosts.

We recently co-hosted “The Future of Frictionless Visitor Access” webinar with Proxy discussing the challenges and solutions around access control and visitors management for enterprise companies.

With multiple locations around world and evolving industry requirements, it can be difficult for global organizations to implement consistent processes around visitors.

Evolution of visitor access

Evolving access control cards into a robust mobile application is part of Proxy’s core technology. Anyone with a mobile device is accustomed to using apps designed to provide convenience, clarity and efficiency to the user.

Many large organizations are looking to optimize workplace movements and interactions for both visitors and employees. Companies want to create a better experience for people visiting, whether it is a customer, investor or a job candidate. Guests' perception of their facilities and operations matters to enterprises.

When combined with Traction Guest’s VMS, visitors can have an efficient check-in while hosts are able to maintain a secure environment. Collecting visitor data, running watchlists, sending emergency notifications, enabling WiFi and customizing levels of access all happens in the background, leveraging Proxy identity signal. Visibility is key to enterprise when managing security and operational efficiency.

With multiple locations and visitors with different access requirements, enterprises have complex security challenges. The current, one-size-fits-all shared key card approach to access control is inadequate. Different visitors require different access. The Proxy and Traction Guest integration allows for a consistent process that allows hosts to get granular with the access levels depending on the type of locations, visitors and scenarios.

The combination of two operational efficiency platforms is helping reverse a historically broken visitor access process. When an innovative mobile platform is user friendly for all parties, the experience is better for the visitor and there’s a better sense of control for the administrator. Now with Proxy and Traction Guest’s integration, enterprises have a solution to achieve those goals.