Security for All: Reflecting on Our Social Responsibility

At Traction Guest, we talk about security all the time. We discuss the importance of protecting facilities, data and people. For our team and our clients, the forms of security and safety typically relate to the workplace. Yet, there are other forms of security, and the word itself can be interpreted differently. For many, security can exist in the basic form of a warm meal in a familiar setting.

Knowing that every person’s definition of security is different, we wanted to celebrate the people who are dedicated to supporting security in our community. This brought us to our friends at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (DEWC), where we spent an afternoon helping out with their meal service.

Security in the Downtown Eastside
DEWC is a drop-in resource center serving more than 450 women and children living in Canada’s most vulnerable neighbourhood (Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside) every day. “There are high levels of poverty, violence, racism and oppression that women experience [in the community],” explained Alice Kendall, Executive Director at DEWC. “The Women’s Centre provides a place of safety and respite from all of the implications of that.”

In addition to supporting the lunch service, our team packed up and handed out care packages containing socks, padlocks and blankets. We learned that these simple items provide a little more security for the women in the Downtown Eastside.

“Getting to meet the women at the centre was highly rewarding because they all brought something special to the centre” said Carolin Wolf, our Product Marketing Manager. “You could really tell that the care packages brightened their day.”

More than Visitor Management
At Traction Guest, we’re focused on building a secure, integrated visitor management system for the enterprise. However, our afternoon at DEWC helped us crystallize a belief that we always held: everyone has the right to feel safe. Whether we’re scanning a visitor’s passport against an organizational watchlist or helping someone keep warm, it’s our responsibility to do our best to support that right for both our customers and the broader community.