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Why Secure Touchless Sign-in Requires QR Codes

Why Secure Touchless Sign-in Requires QR Codes Photo

As people return to the workplace, everyone on premises must be assured they’re in a safe environment where their health is being protected. However, safety without security isn’t truly safe. Visitor management solutions are racing to address new requirements – touchless, enabling safety, and managing employees along with visitors. What makes Traction Guest’s solution different? Fully contactless, automated safety screening, and access with built-in enterprise-class security without compromises. It’s why organizations in the most highly regulated environments and many of the world’s top companies trust our enterprise visitor management platform.

The new normal of onsite population risk management requires us to think about everyone entering a facility as one universal risk management challenge. So, for the workplace to be a safe zone during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, employees, visitors, contractors and customers alike must be seen as a potential health threat. Achieving and maintaining a safe zone today requires a solution that not only screens for health-related criteria – safety – but also verifies that people are where they say they are and who they say they are – security.

App-free screening and QR-code access automate secure, truly touchless sign-in

Vendors are working to support the imminent return of employees to the workplace and offering products across a wide range of the touchless spectrum. However, the majority were developed on technology foundations not built for real enterprise use cases. They aren’t designed to support fully automated, contactless sign-in and entry. They also lack must-have enterprise security capabilities to validate the location of a person entering a facility and their identity once they are on-site.

To activate touchless capabilities, these solutions require end users to download an app to their mobile device or have a concierge check in by an employee. In lacking QR-code capability, they require human contact to verify that an employee or visitor actually is who they assert to be and grant access to anyone who signs-in on their mobile app, without actually verifying they are who they claim to be or where they claim to be on the premises.

For many business users, it’s a frustrating extra step to download a third-party app they don’t want to have on their phone or don’t want to take the time to install onto their personal device. Downloading third-party apps often isn’t even permitted for those with company-managed mobile devices.

To use Traction Guest’s ZeroTouch capabilities for touchless sign-in and sign-out your employees and visitors do not have to download an app to their phone. ZeroTouch functions without human assistance. Employees and visitors are pre-screened prior to visiting the site, sign in is completed on-site with a secure unique QR code scanned at the point of entry upon arrival, access is granted if pre-set criteria are met, and their activity is recorded in a centralized system of record all the way through to their egress. This is all accomplished by a completely contactless and automated system that maximizes safety and security, without sacrificing ease of use.

Superior security with one-time QR codes

There is a reason why airports, train stations, ports and other environments where movement and security are both valued rely on single-use QR codes to grant individuals access. No other technology is proven to be as effective and easy to use. 

Vendors granting building access to users by letting them sign in on a downloaded mobile app wherever they might be, instead of using one-time QR codes that are physically scanned on premises, are creating a massive security gap. They recognize this glaring weakness themselves as some have begun discussing roadmaps that may include QR code capability sometime in the future. But it’s a difficult technological problem to solve. Traction Guest is the only visitor management system offering QR code capability today.

Building blocks of the safe and contactless workplace

We began developing touchless sign-in capabilities and a vision for the dynamic registration portal long before COVID-19. While we are helping  to meet the most stringent enterprise requirements as organizations are planning for the safe return to the office, our goal is to enable every customer to be prepared to handle  a second wave of the virus or some other unforeseen challenge.

We’ve made it a priority to focus on secure approaches to safety, and we will never sacrifice one for the other. We are supporting organizations in moving towards automating everything from health and safety risk management and regulatory compliance, to workplace violence prevention, and more.  A protected workplace is a productive workplace. Our enterprise visitor management platform is at work 24x7x365 making the workplace a better place to be.