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Traction Guest is a G2 VMS Leader – here’s why

Traction Guest is a G2 VMS Leader – here’s why Photo

“238 people checking in... and we didn't have a lineup for a second!” –Elijah, Traction Guest user.

The achievement Elijah cites in his review suggests a Visitor Management System (VMS) operating at peak performance and delivering on its promise of speed and convenience. This result comes from more than software design alone. Elijah’s experience is in large part the result of a core value within Traction Guest: putting people at the center of every decision.

Staying true to that value has just led Traction Guest to earn Summer 2019 Best Support, Best Relationship, and VMS Leader designations by G2, the marketplace that aggregates user reviews for business software and the site on which Elijah posted his experience.

In G2’s evaluation of VMS vendors, Traction Guest landed in the Leader’s Quadrant on index after index. Driving this result are extremely high scores in user satisfaction and market presence, represented by Traction Guest ranking first in G2’s Relationship Index and Momentum Grid.

A review by Joshua posted on the G2 site captures how we achieved this:

“Traction Guest support will adamantly listen and develop a plan to implement it in your environment to test and, if it fits the bill of UX, they will roll it out.” He adds: “This is something that not many organizations can do effectively. Traction Guest has this integrated in their core belief system as an organization.”

Joshua’s observation is apt, and it reflects sentiments expressed in more reviews on G2 and other peer review sites like Capterra. We believe that creating a great VMS experience is not primarily about software. It’s about focusing on people.

Prioritizing people

“It is true, Traction Guest has a great product. However, their strength is their people. They stay amazingly close to their customers,” – Mark, an Application Development Director at an automotive company with over 1000 people (review on Capterra.com)

That strength — which has set an industry standard for customer support and relationships — is the result of two inputs: high energy, high integrity customer representatives, and a single-minded determination to delight users.

High energy, high integrity

The people at Traction Guest — particularly in customer success — genuinely enjoy working with people. We have a team of people that are naturally gifted with caring dispositions and problem-solving acumen. Their blend of authenticity, aptitude, and attitude has inspired people to remark:

“[Traction Guest’s] rep provided above and beyond customer support. I work with software support for various applications frequently. I have never had such a positive experience.” – Lisa, a Systems Engineer at an information technology and services company (review on Capterra.com)

“The support staff has EXCEEDED my expectations when it comes to quick contact. They are so fast to respond and educate me, as well as be available whenever I need them. Having that kind of support is so important.” – Shannen, an Office Assistant (review on Capterra.com)

It is on the strength of our team, and each positive experience they create, that we succeed and continuously improve as a software company.

Serve and delight

Delighting the people that use Traction Guest means making the unique questions, desires, and circumstances that our users have our top priority. This is part of our company’s DNA.

That means being attentive and willing to devote whatever time it takes to ensure users understand the software, achieve their goals, and feel comfortable while doing it. Here’s what users have had to say:

“It was nice to know he was thinking of ways to make my experience with Traction Guest better. One day, he just told me he had designed a new badge layout for me to download. When Legal wanted to add an NDA, my rep talked me through the setup in a few minutes. My rep was so responsive, he even answered emails I sent after normal office hours - I had told him I work late hours. Several times I commented that it would be nice if I could... and he'd come back either with a suggestion or a completed update to our experience.” – Lari, Office Manager (review on Capterra.com)

“The support staff. Pretty sure they would try and help if I called them on my wedding night. I wouldn't, but they would!” – G2 user review

We feel deep gratitude to every person that trusts Traction Guest to be a solution for their needs, and we feel each user deserves time, attention, and a friendly partner that they look forward to working with. More than anything, this attitude has driven Traction Guest’s momentum, and it won’t change as we grow.

A final word

There is another reason for our deep gratitude to our users: many of the improvements that have enabled us to become a G2 Leader in VMS have been a response to user ideas and suggestions. We understand that we are developing Traction Guest together, and our users do too. This was hinted at in an observation posted on G2 by Eric, a Traction Guest user:

“I like the fact that I can contact our Customer Service representative and get answers very quickly on even complex issues. The fact that the product is constantly being developed gives customer feedback extra weight, as well. Traction seems to consider feedback seriously when adding or improving features.”

In truth, the G2 Summer 2019 Best Support, Best Relationship, and VMS Leader honors don’t solely belong to Traction Guest. They are distinctions we have achieved together with our users, whose ideas have contributed to the development of a premier VMS and whose priorities have provided the lens through which every product and process addition is evaluated.