Traction Guest appoints new Vice President of Sales

Chris Barone VP of Sales at Traction Guest

In a few short years, visitor management has become an essential consideration for businesses worldwide. As a leading provider of cloud visitor management software, we’re in the fortunate position of riding this wave of accelerated growth. This rising tide presents the opportunity to scale our teams and very importantly, appoint leadership into key positions.

A proud addition to our leadership team in the role of vice president of sales, is Seattle-based sales aficionado, Christopher Barone.

Chris’ experience in building and leading high-performance sales teams for multiple B2B SaaS ventures placed him firmly on Traction Guest’s radar. He previously held positions of global account general manager at Xerox, regional vice president at DocuSign and vice president of enterprise sales at the contract management company, Icertis.

Outside his passion for sales, he admits to being a diehard Phillies sports fan, hailing from the region originally. He mentors the sales program at University of Washington and is involved in various capacities in developing young athletic talent.

But first and foremost, he’s a sales guru with an impeccable track record of scaling sales teams for B2B SaaS cloud-based tech companies.

Chris sat down with me and opened up on why he joined Traction Guest, what he feels he’s bringing to the position and his hopes and aspirations for driving success.

You’ve been in Traction Guest’s cross hairs for a while. What attracted you to the position?

“I was a fan of Traction Guest from the get go. While at DocuSign I managed the partnership with Traction Guest, facilitating clients who needed NDAs signed when checking into an office lobby.

I was really impressed with the potential of the service. I quickly realised it went way beyond just signing legal documents and storing the data for auditing compliance.

At the end it really was the culture and product potential that was the main draw.

You’re no stranger to scaling teams into enterprise leaders?

I’ve been part of two pretty fast-growing tech ventures. I joined DocuSign when they were 200 people. When I left, there were 3,600 employees. Icertis’ North American branch increased from a small core team to over 700 employees.

How does the experience you gained from being on the sales side of B2B SaaS cloud-based tech help you in your new role?

DocuSign was breaking into a market that didn’t exist. Electronic signatures were a novelty. It challenged and changed very outdated tools and processes. And it scaled really fast. The problem was people misunderstood what it was. They thought it was just an app.

There are obvious similarities in that with Traction Guest. What people believe a Visitor Management System to be and what truly differentiates and builds value are similar to the problem we had to solve at DocuSign.

Icertis, as a contract management platform, had enormous amounts of sensitive data and provided ways to safely store and share this information. The importance of data security in the enterprise B2B space and gaining our customers’ trust, are also two very important aspects for Traction Guest.

Think about data captured prior to a visitor coming on site, the information they provide when they get to the security gate, what happens to them while they’re inside the facility, not to forget the post visit communication. There is a lot more to consider when scaling a model that has so much to offer the user.

In this regard I believe that Traction Guest is building a platform catering to the needs of the global enterprise market. We’re building solutions for any eventuality with scalability as a key feature.

Now that you’re here, what will you be focusing on?

Traction Guest is already being used across 26 different industries, with customers around the globe. This year, my team will place greater focus on addressing the international market and honing in on key industries like manufacturing or pharmaceuticals that face stringent compliance requirements. Our technology can address their complex requirements and help enterprises get audit-ready.

Growing our strong inside sales team will also be a big focus. We’re looking for smart, passionate individuals who like to build something incredible with us.

Finally, as the person in charge of leading the sales team, what is going to be key in building them up?

A culture of commitment.

I’ve worked for organisations that predominantly have compliance cultures. In this type of culture, you come in, punch your time card and you’re measured and tracked through all types of activities. Employees typically are not loving those jobs.

In commitment cultures on the other hand, you’re constantly gaining insight from the team. You commit to trust and a shared purpose. Continually refining our goals, building on individual strengths in the team and cultivating the new talent are the elements I think key in nurturing this culture.”

To find out more about Chris, check our his LinkedIn profile.

We couldn’t be happier with Chris taking on the task of leading our sales operations. Two more VPs are joining the Traction Guest team in the coming weeks and I look forward to telling you more about them soon.

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