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Traction Guest’s 2019 year in review: employee edition

Traction Guest’s 2019 year in review: employee edition Photo

What a ride these past 12 months were. From the outside looking in, 2019 was a historic and exciting year for Traction Guest. We received series A funding, we won some awards, we nearly tripled our employees, opened a couple of global offices, exhibited at some of the biggest security tradeshows, launched our new visual identity and gave back to our community along the way.

A huge part of our success can be attributed to our hard working and talented global team. Their passion for our company and their roles helps us reach each milestone. As the year closed, we polled a few employees from different departments to find out what their top moments of the year were. 

Here are some of our team’s 2019 highlights!

What moment were you most proud of in the past year?

“I am most proud to see how much our team has grown. And how we have grown with the right people. Our team is diverse, motivated, and powerful. We opened our Dublin and Seattle offices. It's wild to think about where we have come in one year! It's also an honor to be recognized by companies such as Forbes, Deloitte, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Salesforce Ventures.” - Crystal Gaundan, Team Lead, Business Development

"There are two things that stand out for me: Seeing the scope of potential for our growth and how important the product was to enterprise organizations. Also, the intersection between Guest for Good and culture - and how important it is to our people." - Corey Reid, Account Executive

"I was really proud of accepting Deloitte's Fast 50 designation. It's an interesting award as it looks at your business in a very comprehensive way." - Keith Metcalfe, CEO

"It’s gotta be our Series A funding. I'm super stoked about us having an Ireland office which leads to so much more opportunities to support and serve customers in Europe and tap into great talent in the region." - Rowe Ladrillono, Support Manager, Customer Success

“I would have to say that the new visual identity was the greatest moment for Traction Guest in 2019. It was a big milestone for our growing company and it was more than a new logo. It gave use a new identity that all employees can embrace and be proud of.” - Derek Rougeau, Business Technology Manager

“I'm most proud of our growth outside of North America, because it shows our ability to lead in other markets.” - Marc Ho, Front End Developer

What was your favorite Traction Guest technology highlight this year? 

“I think our abilities around watchlist and approvals are helping solve complex challenges for companies who are working hard toward ensuring a safe and secure workplace.” - Keith Metcalfe, CEO

“The new visual identity release within our platform was a big highlight. We were able to deliver a fresh look and experience that makes people excited. With that defining moment when we launched our new brand, it sets the stage where usability and aesthetic are an important focus to every new feature we build.” - Jordan Zhang, Product Manager 

“The watchlist check page is so valuable to so many companies, especially in aerospace.” - Lucy McWilliam, Account Executive

“Self ID Scanning on the iPad to address our enterprise customers and prospects in verticals with heavy regulatory compliance need to match a person's collected information with a government issued ID.” - Colleen Mah, Account Executive

“Along with delivering new features, we are putting a lot of effort into our main front end framework. This will definitely help us accelerate feature delivery and improvements, with better performance while keeping flawless coding.” - Gustavo Alves, Developer 

Self ID Scanning and multi SAML were my favourites, they both resonated with the global customers in need of Enterprise grade VMS solutions.” - Joann Johnston, Renewals Manager 

What has been your favorite change you’ve seen in Traction Guest over the past year?

“The best change so far has to be the fact that our culture has not changed at all. We continue to be true to the same culture and core values as we keep growing really fast.” - Marc Ho, Front End Developer

“With our rapid growth, we've seen incredible culture diversity. That diversity is bringing new viewpoints that are invaluable to our growth” - Keith Metcalfe, CEO

“Definitely the new hires. Every new person comes to teach us new things on not only in a professional level, but also in personal level. It is very interesting to see how we are all so different, from different backgrounds, but we all share the same values of kindness and respect.” - Gustavo Alves, Developer 

“Being here from the beginning, I love that we still celebrate traditions from when we were small, but now with a bigger flare. I love seeing how every new hire perceives our culture and adds to it.” - Crystal Gaundan, Team Lead, Business Development

“Growing our UI/UX team and the Product team to help drive the product strategy that aligns with the problems in the enterprise visitor management space today.” - Jordan Zhang, Product Manager 

“I feel like my favorite change is seeing all the new hires be exposed to Traction Guest environment. It's so cool to see new people come in and start exploring the culture right away, and then in two weeks, you see them transform and being almost fully integrated into the company. One of the things that Traction Guest prides itself on is it's culture, and that's really transparent with the new hires and how they become a Guester.” - Luisa Cambara, Marketing Coordinator

What was your favorite customer interaction over the past year?

“A customer I worked with noticed the teamwork we have at CS and shared a review praising our technical expertise, our attentiveness to the conversations both past and present. It was a good testament to what we strive to do with our customers.” - Vankie Chan, Customer Success Advocate

“A customer called us the Maserati of visitor management.” - Lucy McWilliam, Account Executive

“I love that the relationships with our clients are so strong, they become our good friends over time; to the point where they respond to our emails using GIFs to help express their emotions, both good and bad.” - Rowe Ladrillono, Support Manager, Customer Success