Visitor Management and Security: Looking Forward to ASIS 2017

For the past 60 years, security professionals from across the United States have gathered at the American Society for Industrial Security Annual Seminar and Exhibits (ASIS 2017). The conference brings industry leaders together to share their knowledge about the advancements in enterprise security.

As organizations continue to develop their security processes, there is a great opportunity for visitor management systems (VMS), like Traction Guest, to help bridge the gap between efficiency and security.

Security and Visitor Management

This year, Alex Brennan, Account Executive at Traction Guest, will be heading to ASIS 2017 in Dallas, Texas, to share his experience about effective visitor management in the security industry and gain new insight from other leaders in the space. “A few years ago, I didn’t see much attention paid to visitor management,” says Alex. “So, it’s exciting for me to see the positive development of it within this highly complex sector.”

Alex Brennan, Account Executive at Traction Guest

Of all the exciting things to learn at ASIS 2017, Alex is looking forward to finding out what keeps security officers up at night. “I can imagine that [visitor management] is only one component of their everyday work,” starts Alex. “It would be really interesting to see what else people are shopping for at the conference, what challenges need to be addressed and how this could tie in with a visitor management system like Traction Guest.”

Traction Guest at ASIS 2017

If you’re planning on attending ASIS 2017, be sure to check out Traction Guest on the expo floor for an interactive experience of a leading visitor management system. “As a cloud-based platform, Traction Guest offers the flexibility to instantly customize and easily configure the visitor experience to the requirements. This allows security professionals to come to our booth, tell us about their business problems and let us show them how our software can enhance data and physical security for any location.,” explains Alex. “I believe it makes our booth a must-visit”.

The live personalized demos enable attendees to see how Traction Guest:

  • Automates the sign-in process from a single device.
  • Checks visitors against watch-lists.
  • Ensures legal documents are signed.
  • Prints badges with photos for visual identification.
  • And more.

Beyond the Expo Floor

Once Alex is done on the expo floor, he’s hoping to catch a couple of sessions, including the opening luncheon with technology and media entrepreneur, Mark Cuban. From these keynotes, he wants to grow his understanding of how Traction Guest can continue to evolve to support organizations in their security efforts.

If you’re planning on attending ASIS 2017, please visit us at Booth 1320 or drop Alex a note to meet up.

Traction Guest at ASIS 2017