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The Security You Need in the Era of Big Data

The Security You Need in the Era of Big Data Photo

Big data - you hear about it all the time.

It's mentioned in virtually every discussion about how technology impacts your business because information is imperative. But gathering information isn't the only important function of your visitor management platform. What you do with that information is the real key. When you're determining how you gather data, where it's stored, and how to best use the right data, there are a lot of points to consider.

Security ranks very high on the list of concerns. The FTC has regulations that govern the way entities protect their information and there are legal ramifications to breeches that compromise personal information.

Ultimately, your business is responsible for the data you gather and how it's attained. This is an important point to consider because there are constantly new threats to the way data is obtained and stored. Each year, you'll find a top list of current security issues. When you're determining which visitor management platforms work well for your business needs, your considerations should include how well the vendor addresses every aspect of securing your data and your business.

Security Features to Consider in Traction Guest

Traction Guest offers great performance for your front office. There's no question that the features included in this management platform can streamline the efficiency of the reception desk. This platform also connects all of the information dots on each person who enters the building. With all of the data Traction Guest gathers, security is a well accounted for aspect of this platform's service.

Internal and external security measures are integral to your company's physical and financial well-being. Here are some of the benefits that Traction Guest delivers:

Physical Security

As a visitor management platform, one key component to the Traction Guest function is in greeting visitors at the front desk. While the platform seeks to streamline the sign in process, it also adds some exceptional physical security benefits to keep companies better protected in the case of a real world threat.

  • Facial Identification Images. With Traction Guest, a photo image is taken of each visitor or guest as they check-in. These photos are stored securely and can be viewed at any time.
  • Physical Badge Identification. Once a guest or visitor has completed the sign-in process, Traction Guest can issue them a badge with pertinent information about their visit. This offers additional security for workers because a non-employee should always be wearing an issued badge.
Data Security
  • Compliance. Traction Guest constantly updates and stays compliant on all current regulations and standards for privacy and visitor management.  ITAR compliance is a topic we adhere to day-in and day-out.
  • Cloud Computing Security. The Heroku Platform hosts Traction Guest, making it the most secure cloud computing system available.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement. Traction Guest comes with secure NDA signature forms so that intellectual property rights belonging to the company will always be protected.
  • Protected Signature/Identity. Guest sign in using a secure screen which cannot be accessed or viewed by other visitors or employees. This allows your company to better protect guest privacy.
Does Your Visitor Management Platform Protect Your Company?

All visitor management programs are not created equal. If you're interested in visitor management compliance, streamlining the front office for your employees and guest while offering top of the line security, Traction Guest can help. Contact us today for a free demo.