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Award winning technical innovation for visitor management

Award winning technical innovation for visitor management Photo

Traction Guest has been recognized for visitor management innovation and growth in the 17th Annual American Business Awards. Demonstrating its disruptive vision for enterprise visitor management, market focus and platform innovation, Traction Guest received four Silver Stevie Awards:

  • Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year - recognizing overall achievement in product.
  • Fastest Growing Tech Company of the Year - recognizing outstanding revenue growth.
  • Technical Innovation of the Year - recognizing singular innovations in business model, product and/or marketing, sales, manufacturing, management.
  • Cloud Application/Service - recognizing the best solutions that operate in the cloud.

Innovation beyond visitor check-in

For Traction Guest, innovation has never been optional. Our customers rely on Visitor Management Systems to manage mission-critical operations: facility security, compliance and efficiency of the guest experience. Innovation was driven by seeing the gaps in the visitor management industry today and creating a roadmap that addresses complex challenges at the intersection of facilities security and visitor experience. Traction Guest’s focus on integrated enterprise security and the visitor journey beyond check-in redefines the visitor management space to deliver on enterprise needs.

So, what does it mean to expand visitor management beyond check-in? Well, no visit starts in the company’s lobby. A visit starts with arranging the time and logistics of arrival, finding convenient parking, getting all necessary security, document or operational clearances and then checking in in the lobby and arranging to meet the host while getting the most out of the visit.

This year we’ve introduced airport-grade security with ID verification, parking capacity management and custom, conditional and third-party watchlists that address the entire visitor cycle. This enabled highly regulated companies to address visitor related compliance and audit requirements, welcome visitors in a way that’s efficient for hosts and guests, and meet the highest industry standards.

“This is a great example of a company trying to make its product unique in the marketplace while also working to be holistic and more enterprise-focused.”

Panel Judge

Technical innovation

Let’s look at three major elements we’ve introduced into Traction Guest Visitor Management that are industry-firsts:

  • Assisted-Check-In is one such category defining differentiator. In partnering with Gemalto, security professionals—often the guards at external gates—use high-volume ID-scanners (like the ones at airport security) to verify every visitor’s government-issued ID. Implementing Assisted Check-In as part of the visitor cycle adds a security layer to the visitor process.
  • Parking module - helps digitize and manage visitor parking inventory. Guests can receive the pre-assigned parking stalls with their invitation and location directions. Managing parking as part of visitor management process resolves complex logistical challenges for the host and creates a consistent experience for the visitor.
  • Watchlists run visitors’ identities against their databases (ITA, Visual Compliance, Contractor Compliance, FinScan), providing risk mitigation. Watchlist conditional workflows offer a level of security and efficiency at check-in previously unattainable. Depending on the status of the visitor on the watchlist, different workflows can be triggered, notifying hosts, requesting additional steps or notifying security.

Becoming a leading innovator in the visitor management space has seen Traction Guest work tirelessly to keep one step ahead of ever-evolving industry demands. It is through our customer-centric approach that we are able to provide the most customizable VMS platform on the market. We remain steadfast in putting enterprise standard security and an unforgettable guest experience at the forefront of all our technological innovations.