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VMS provider Traction Guest Inc. Announces SOC 2 Type-1 attestation

VMS provider Traction Guest Inc. Announces SOC 2 Type-1 attestation Photo

Traction Guest reaches a milestone in its pursuit of data-security excellence by earning the SOC 2 Type-1 Attestation, making it one of the first visitor management system (VMS) providers to qualify.

VANCOUVER, CANADA: September 18, 2018: Traction Guest Inc., a leading developer of visitor management systems (VMS), has earned a SOC 2 Type-1 attestation. These controls are a baseline for any organization that provides cloud computing solutions. The leadership team at Traction Guest sees the SOC 2 Type-1 as a foundation for delivering ever-greater service to their clients and partners.

Like any cloud-based company providing software-as-a-service (SaaS), Traction Guest started out small, and focused on creating a product—in this case a visitor management system (VMS)—that would smoothly and reliably deliver an important service to users. However, as Traction Guest grew, it became important to tangibly demonstrate the company’s dedication to security, confidentiality and availability.

Data security is one of Traction Guest’s core values, and as CEO Keith Metcalfe explains, “Values don’t mean anything unless you’re willing to take concrete steps to enact them.” To that end, Traction Guest employed a third-party organization to evaluate its adherence to the SOC 2 guidelines, so that everyone in the company would have tangible proof that data security was not just a talking point, but a vital part of Traction Guest’s DNA.

The SOC 2 attestation represented a huge investment of time and money. To make it work, Metcalfe knew he’d need buy-in from leadership, as well as a dedicated Data Protection Officer. The entire team worked hard to meet the SOC 2 requirements. “This kind of endeavor only works if everyone actually cares about it and buys in,” says Metcalfe. “We’re happy to share this milestone with customers, but first and foremost, this was always about keeping a promise we made to ourselves: to protect the people who purchase our product, their companies and their data.”

Traction Guest’s Service Organization Control 2 (or SOC 2) attestation is centred around three operational and technological controls: security, availability and confidentiality. CTO Cameron Wiebe explains that SOC 2 is “a framework that is meant to be built on. The whole process is a great way to make sure we’re doing the best we can to make constant improvements to the security of our system.”

Data Protection Officer Caitlin Tuba is already laying out the next steps of the SOC 2 process. “We will simultaneously improve upon the existing controls identified in the Type-1 and work towards our SOC 2 Type-2 audit next year.”

About Traction Guest Inc.
Traction Guest is the developer of a leading cloud-based visitor management system that creates an intuitive visitor sign-in process to deliver unparalleled security and data analysis for companies with multiple entry points. Providing a harmonious visitor and host experience without sacrificing security, Traction Guest is used by enterprises on five continents in dozens of industries, including top global brands. For more information visit tractionguest.com and follow us on Twitter at @tractionguest.