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Celebrating Our “B Day” – We’re Now a Certified B Corporation

Celebrating Our “B Day” – We’re Now a Certified B Corporation Photo

There’s a growing movement in the corporate world to look beyond profits and use business as a force for good. Traction Guest officially became part of that movement by earning B Corp certification. This is a tough certification to achieve, and tech companies currently comprise a small percentage of B Corp businesses. We celebrated our “B Day” during a recent Traction Guest Friday team huddle, launching our journey as a member of this esteemed community. 

Our mission to create safer workplaces for employees and visitors closely aligns with the B Corp philosophy of balancing profit and purpose, and becoming a B Corp formalizes what we have been implementing to create a sustainable social and environmental impact. As Carolina Miranda of Cultivating Capital shared at our launch event, earning this certification is not simply about a future vision; candidates are evaluated on what they have accomplished to date. 

What It Means to Become a B Corp

B Corp is to business what Fairtrade certification is to coffee. Certified B Corporations do business in a specific way – rather than operating purely to generate profit, they prioritize creating value for employees, the local community and the environment. 

B Corps are required to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Thousands of companies around the world apply for B Corp certification but only a select number make it through the assessment and verification process. Traction Guest now joins the global B Corp community of over 3,500 companies across 150 industries including Athleta, Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia and Traction on Demand.

To obtain B Corp certification, a company must complete the B Impact Assessment. This is a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s day-to-day operations and business model and how it impacts its workers, customers, community and the environment. Companies must then publicly disclose their B Impact Report on bcorporation.net. B Corps are required to recertify every three years to track performance over time and ensure continuous improvement. 

Certification process

How Traction Guest Looks Beyond Profit

We believe success is so much more than a financial metric – it’s about making a difference in the world and having a broad, sustainable impact on the people, planet and environment.   

At Traction Guest, we aim to create a positive and meaningful workplace for our team to thrive and to give back to the local community. To promote transparency and empower internal decision-making processes, we invite employees to bi-weekly feedback sessions where senior leadership shares updates on company performance and strategy. We encourage team members to work with the causes they are passionate about by offering paid volunteer days. We also provide professional development opportunities, parental leave and other benefits. 

We have put these values into practice through our giving arm, Guest for Good. This program, and the decisions we make every day, are guided by our philosophy of “doing the right thing.” For example, we created a grant initiative for long-term care facilities. It provides our visitor management software to homes that cannot afford to invest in this type of technology, helping to better protect their populations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also strive to contribute to and empower nonprofits by donating our technology, volunteering time and labor, and running mentorship programs such as teaching kids how to code. One of the nonprofits Traction Guest partners with closely is the Dixon Transition Society. They help reduce the impact of domestic violence by providing a safe environment for women and children. 

By becoming a B Corp, we now have the tools we need to continually measure, compare and improve our impact over time. This is more than just corporate social responsibility – it’s a promise to all stakeholders, not just shareholders –that we are committed to maximizing benefits to the environment, community and our team.