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Built for enterprise.

Built for complex enterprise-grade facilities, Traction Guest scales globally, and can be configured to location, business unit, and office geography. All the while, delivering various levels of security and compliance requirements – from a single, centralized system.
Enterprise security.

Data residency, SOC 2, single or multi-tenant options, secure platform servers and data.

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Global scalability.

Multiple locations, all visitor types, localization, high volume of visitors, centralized platform, standardization & automation.

Flexible configurations.

Groups and permissions, unique visitor journeys, conditional watchlists, different levels of ID validation.

Multiple locations.
One view.

Leverage visitor data better across your enterprise.

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Increased visibility.

Leverage visitor metadata across visit cycle from invitation, to sign-in, to post-visit analytics, improving proactive security and operations efficiency.

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Centralized control.

Determine which information is gathered at each site and customize to your unique needs (depending on compliance or security requirements).

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Key integrations.

Integrate with systems you already use through pre-built integrations, or custom configuration with Guest Connect.

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Secure and compliant. For every industry and geography.

At Traction Guest, data protection is a priority. We value our customers’ trust and will ensure their visitor data is protected.

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Data residency.

Traction Guest offers the choice between a US, EU or Canadian data center to meet legal requirements by storing your visitor data in the region of your choice.

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Automated data deletion can be enabled for Traction Guest customers with a single tenant installation.

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Secure infrastructure.

We embed data, cloud and server security into our system and development process, we have achieved SOC 2 Type 2 attestation and run regular penetration testing.

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Traction Guest helps create a seamless customer service experience and provides invaluable data that helps us learn and improve.
Program Manager

We’re here to help.

Through onboarding and adoption services, we’ll help accelerate your visitor management initiative success and help unlock its full potential.

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Global account & site configuration.

Optimizing complex deployments at scale.

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Admin & user training.

Configuration requirement, process improvement and training.

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Integration consulting.

Custom configuration, best practices and technical consulting.

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Tick all the boxes.

Evaluate solutions against scalability, customization, security and integration considerations – enabling visitor management initiatives to scale now, all while supporting future growth.

Our enterprise team is just a click away.

With Traction Guest, you’re never left in the dark. Questions? Issues? Concerns? Reach out, we’re here for you.