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Simple Planning


Central Console

Leverage a variety of tools built for event planners.

Experience Editor

Modify an attendee’s check-in experience based on who they are, why they’re visiting, past feedback and more.

Badge Editor

Build badges on a user-friendly interface using a variety of layouts and customization options.

Real-Time Search

Instantly search all sign-in data across all events to locate any past, present or future attendee.

traction guest event check-in ipad mock up
ipad-ready event check-in app

Custom Branding



Easily tailor the look and feel of the check-in experience to reflect your brand.

Utilize Your Own Assets

Ensure each of your devices is on brand by leveraging your own logo, imagery, colours, fonts and more.

Unique Devices

Customize all event sign-in devices together or give each device its own unique look.

Activated in Seconds

Make changes on the fly during the event.

guest event check in ipad display

Seamless Execution


Fast, Efficient and Easy

Avoid long lines and paper sign-in headaches.

Take Action

Allow attendees to make donations, notify you of their arrival and more during check-in.

Digital Signatures

Collect digital signatures on waivers, releases and other documents at the door.

Unique Guests

Identify and track special guests.

Real-Time Data

Manage attendee traffic based on device locations.

event check in ipad forms
secure event check in app

Enhanced Security


Offline Mode & Alerts

Ensure your devices continue to operate properly, store data and send alerts even if internet connectivity is lost.

Automated Badge Printing

Instantly provide attendees with badges that include their name, photo and any other pertinent information.


Prevent unwanted guests from getting past the front door with efficient guest list management tools.

Hosted on the Heroku

Built on the world’s most trusted cloud platform.

secure event ipad check in app


Integrate with event registration tools and other systems to make event check-in seamless and powerful. Easily import pre-registered attendees with one simple click, automatically map data into your CRM, quickly export attendee preferences to csv and much, much more. Leverage one of many out-of-the-box integrations or build your own custom connection.

Client Testimonials


"The integration with Salesforce allowed update campaigns in real-time as our guest were checking in to each event. [...] Our guests loved it - we loved it! A must have at every event!

Traction on Demand

“Traction Guest makes an exciting first impression [...] and allows the events team to concentrate on making the experience memorable for each attendee.”


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