Design every element of the visitor journey, for each location, team, and business need in an all-in-one powerful platform.

The most

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Experience Editor.

SecureFlow's Experience editor enables you to easily build standard experiences for every visitor type and location, addressing all data points you require.

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Customizable templates.

Flexible templates enable you to create beautiful, on-brand designs. Leverage variable tags and customize each element of visitor communications to your brand and needs.

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Permission bundles.

Establish user access levels and permissions to create invites, access locations, view or edit visitor workflows with custom permission bundles.

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Branded themes.

Create different theme templates to change the styles of fields, buttons, color schemes and images based on your brand.

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Action triggers.

Triggers allow you to increase the customization of your experience and provoke a logic-based action based on a response, such as adding a visitor to a watchlist or sending an automated email after signing out.

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Build custom configurations.

Create intuitive experiences visitors love – while seamlessly capturing data your business requires. Set up complex paths and workflows for each type of visitor

Create rich designs.

Customize every element to reflect your brand and unique approach. Design welcome screens, themes, media, invitations and badges consistently across the globe yet unique to each location and visitor type.

Enable seamless communication.

Build templates for different types of notifications with a simple drag and drop environment, including invites, security alerts, visitor and host notifications .

Immediate benefits.

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Increase efficiency.

Enable every visit and contractor to make the most of their time on site, taking care of necessary data ahead of the visit, streamlining visit logistics and tracking data and compliance requirements while improving overall visit experience.

Scale to your business needs.

Capture exact visitor meta data you need for your business, trigger actions based on visitor response and build journeys for your visitor types. The possibilities are endless with the customizable Traction Guest platform.

Your needs,
new opportunities.

We’ll learn about your unique challenges and build visitor experience specific to your needs. Let’s get your visitor initiative started.