Attestation Registry.

Reduce contamination threats by including vaccination proof in your entry process. Demonstrate strong measures to protect employees and essential visitors.

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Many vaccines.
One screening solution.

As Covid-19 vaccinations become available, leading organizations are looking to incorporate this information in their daily screening process. Managing the related workflows, escalations, data retention, and analytics can be challenging without the right tools.

With dozens of possible vaccines, geographical nuances, and numerous methods of proof, organizations need robust tools to handle sensitive and complex information flows.

Traction Guest allows organizations to build multi-factor screening processes incorporating temperature checks, capacity considerations, health attestations, and now, proof of vaccination.

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Health screening is
a complex process.
Traction Guest
can help.

Vaccination Attestation Registry
  • Individuals scheduled to be onsite can attest to their vaccination status and upload proof-of-vaccination photos for review and audit.
Workflow flexibility
  • Support jurisdiction appropriate and site-specific requirements through centrally managed workflows.
Watchlists management
  • Improve employee experience by creating watchlists based on past records and other demographic data. Expedite critical/VIP staff, previously screened guests, or those requiring alternate means of entry.
Multi-factor screening
  • Create layered approaches that incorporate combinations of health attestations, liability waivers, thermal cameras, and proof of vaccination.

Create the screening process that’s right for each part of your organization. See how Traction Guest can help

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Protecting employees today and into the future.

Future-proofed open platform

With GuestConnect’s open API approach and the platform's low-code approach to building new workflows, we can help your organization ingest whatever data you need. Vaccine records, thermal data, 3rd party records, and more.

Post-entry data/analytics.

Demonstrate duty of care effectiveness through real time access to entry data. Whether essential visitors, employees, or contractors, you’ll be able to track who went where, and what information was provided.

Manage sensitive data.

Whether you’re managing HIPAA, GDPR, or employee expectations, our SOC 2 certification, single residency cloud options, and automated data deletion capabilities, help you address these stringent requirements.

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See how the the Vaccination Attestation Registry can help keep your people and facilities healthy, safe, and secure.


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