Find the right space for your workday with Traction Guest’s visitor management system and Condeco’s workplace scheduling software.

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Help your team meet, work and collaborate.

Create frictionless experiences for your hybrid workforce, making them more productive, while managing occupancy.

Scheduling workspace

Pre-bookable workspaces give employees the ability to select the space that works best for them, and their team, to be the most productive, while being safe.

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Mobile booking

Use your mobile device and book the space you need. See where you should be seated, and find out a path to your desk with mobile mapping.

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Make every space bookable

Make every space, desk and boardroom a bookable space your employees can choose to be more productive in the office environment.

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Smart data

Improve your understanding of office space usage and occupancy with real-time data, giving you the ability to make better planning decisions for the future.

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Space management for hybrid working.

Build a custom workspace schedule that fits the dynamic schedules of your entire workforce.

Mobile selection of appropriate space
Match work spaces with employees schedules
Make every space, desk or area a bookable space
Connect to Outlook calendar directly
Employees can choose when it’s best to work at the office
Analytics to understand space demand
Learn employee patterns and work style
Get a view of utilization for future planning