Descartes Visual Compliance.

Screen anyone who visits your facility against government-maintained watchlists to ensure debarred and sanctioned parties are not getting past your lobby.

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Protect your workforce and workplace.

Traction Guest’s integration with Visual Compliance provides organizations with the ability to screen visitors against hundreds of watchlists, removing the threat of high risk persons obtaining access to facilities, intellectual property and sensitive technologies.

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Increase security

Add an extra safety control to help prevent unwanted visitors from getting into your facilities.

Reduce risk

Decrease the potential for unlawful access to controlled technologies and regulatory violations.

Rapid time to value

Out-of-the-box solutions help get you up-and-running quickly, with support and training available from Day 1.

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Seamless experience

Add Visual Compliance to your sign-in experience with Traction Guest’s low-code SecureFlow experience manager.

See Traction Guest and Visual Compliance in action.

Let us show you how Traction Guest and Visual Compliance can help you reimagine security at your organization and enhance your visitor management experience.

Achieve compliance without making it complicated.

Traction Guest’s Workforce Security Platform makes staying compliant easy with third-party integrations such as Visual Compliance. This partnership will help companies overcome export, import, and financial compliance challenges, while protecting their visitors from outside risks.

Highly configurable

Screen against watchlists required for your organization, and adjust search parameters to meet your risk profile.

Real-time updates

Daily updates help ensure access to an up-to-date database of Denied Party Screening watchlists.

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Easily communicate alerts

Email notification and escalation workflow options help compliance teams react swiftly to potential matches.

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Built-in audit recording

Automatically stores screening details to easily demonstrate due diligence.