Sync visitor and employee data, managing capacity with Command Center. Create leads, add activities to your Salesforce with Traction Guest integrations.

Preview of integration with salesforce

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Make the most
of your visitor data.

Map your visitor data to any field in your Salesforce CRM. Define what data to capture in the sign-in experience and directly update information in Salesforce.

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Field mapping.

Define what data to capture in the sign-in process and
map it to your Salesforce fields - creating leads, adding activities or actions.

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Data enrichment.

Configure integration to update, insert or upsert information in Salesforce, customizing for your own use cases or events.

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Visitor analytics.

Integrate event attendee, customer, prospect or partner data into Salesforce reporting, gaining deeper insights into on-site and event interactions.

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Multiple configurations.

Choose between a One-Step Experience Editor set up for simple use cases or leverage a Custom Field Mapping configuration for advanced scenarios.

Levels of integration.

Visitor and Employee Management for – Manage site capacity, centralize visit data and analyze violations in Command Center.

Advanced Integration – The most advanced Salesforce integration for a VMS. You can match any visitor data to your Salesforce org with the customizable Salesforce field mapping.

Native Integration – Automatically create leads or add activities to contacts. No customization required.

Traction Guest

Here’s how Traction Guest extends Command Center.

Invitation and screening

  • Screen employees and visitors prior to them arriving on site.
  • View visitor records in Salesforce Command Center.

Customized location set up

  • Set up capacity limits for each office location.
  • Understand how many people are currently on-site.

Single system of record

  • Have a central system for tracking all visits.
  • Understand when people are coming in and out of sites.

Site capacity management

  • Establish capacity limits.
  • Analyze sign-in data and manage phased arrivals.

Know exactly who is on site

  • Have a track record of every on-site visitor and employee.
  • Track who was at the same location at a specific time.

Capacity violations tracking

  • Identify and prevent capacity violations.
  • Understand capacity trends across locations.

Deep customization.

Traction Guest’s Salesforce integration provides unmatched functionality, including sophisticated field mapping, actionable analytics, and the flexibility to handle any use case.

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Instantly connect.

Set up your Salesforce connection from right inside the Traction Guest integrations tab and activate the Salesforce module, granting permission to complete the integration.

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Set up Salesforce actions.

Choose which operations to do, what fields to use to find a record, which fields to update, and which actions to set up to fit your unique use case.

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Set up permissions.

Ensure only the right users have access to edit experiences and make updates to field mapping actions with flexible permission bundles.


  • Increase productivity.Eliminate manual data loads from your events or site visits. Make information instantly available and actionable by your sales and marketing teams.
  • Leverage your data.Create a 360 degree view of your prospects, customers and partners, consolidating their events and on-site interactions with digital and sales-team-driven activities.

See it in action.

Talk to us about your unique challenges and show you how the Traction Guest Salesforce integration can improve your visitor management initiatives.