Ensure a safe return to onsite operations, securing employees with the Frontline mobile app. Keep people safe as businesses reopen during COVID-19 pandemic.

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Protect the staff that protects your organization.

Protect staff managing site access - facilities, HR, EHS, security, reception, etc. These individuals, responsible for engaging staff/contractors upon entry, face greater risks as they enforce health and safety measures to protect everyone onsite.

Focus on employee health and safety.

Frontline is a mobile app built specifically to address the needs of staff who must bring others onsite. It helps protect those who protect the organization by enabling remote and touch-free actions.

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Enable proactive screening & site access.

Automate proactive health and safety screening, ensure PPE instructions and safety procedures are followed.

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Streamline facility entry operations.

Enable efficient operations for employees dealing with deliveries, mass alerts, roll calls, and other on-site identities, access, and communications tasks.

Bring employees and visitors back onsite safely.

Enforce health and security protocols with platform and mobile features, built specifically to address the need of safely bringing employees on-site.

Manage capacity.

Set up limits and track capacity for each location with on-site visit tracking in-app or in the command center.

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Eliminate line-ups.

Efficiently schedule groups of employees or individual contractor or vendor appointments. Provide pre-approved single or multi-use QR codes for touchless sign-in.

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Provide real-time alerts.

Show internal watchlist levels as guests are invited or are signing in, prompting appropriate action.

solution features.


  • Mobile touchless or ZeroTouch™ contactless sign-in
  • Contact Tracing
  • Roll call & mass notifications
  • Capacity management
  • Mobile delivery management


  • Individual or group invites
  • Named or capacity based appointments & invites
  • Health screening, safety instructions & sign offs via pre-registration portal
  • Custom integrations via API & trigger-based automations
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See Frontline in action.

See how the Traction Guest Frontline can help keep your people and facilities healthy, safe and secure.