Mobile App.

Enable touchless sign-in, see who is on-site and take immediate action when security incidents arise.

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Get a real-time view
of visitors anywhere.

Understand who’s on-site, account for visitors during the emergency, sign-in & sign-out guests on the go.

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Host efficiency.

Hosts can now view, add and modify invites, as well as sign-in and out guests with their phones.

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Real-time view.

Enable security and facilities personnel to see who is on-site from anywhere in the building.

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Proactive alerts.

Show internal watchlist levels as guests are invited or are signing in, prompting appropriate action.

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Up-to-date visitor status.

Enable hosts to sign visitors out after the meeting is completed, ensuring visitor status is maintained.

Scale visitor sign-ins beyond the kiosks.

Enable safe visit protocols within your facilities and beyond, adjusting to high-volume of sign-ins, events and off-site assignments.

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Enable QR code sign-in.

Scale sign-in capabilities beyond kiosks with mobile sign-in for pre-registered visitors.

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Manage invitations.

See who is invited, create new invitations, and update existing invitations right in the app.

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Evaluate the watchlists.

Understand who has been watchlisted by your organization and take appropriate action.

Why the Traction Guest Mobile App
is a good thing.

  • Improved efficiency. Make it easier for hosts to follow visitor protocols, enabling invitations, sign-ins and sign-outs on the go.
  • Increased security. Enable security and facilities personnel to take immediate action when security or emergency incidents arise.

See it in action.

We’ll learn about your unique challenges and show you how the Traction Guest Mobile App can support your visitor management initiatives.