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Traction Guest Announces Frontline Mobile Application and Enterprise Platform Advancements to Ensure Safe, Secure Return to Onsite Operations

Traction Guest Announces Frontline Mobile Application and Enterprise Platform Advancements to Ensure Safe, Secure Return to Onsite Operations Photo

ZeroTouch™ Technology and Employee-Focused Solutions Help Keep People Safe as Businesses Reopen During COVID-19 Pandemic

SEATTLE – July 22, 2020 – Traction Guest, the global leader in cloud-based enterprise visitor management systems (VMS), today introduced the Traction Guest Frontline mobile app. The new back-to-work solution for enterprise frontline workers prioritizes worker safety while alleviating the administrative burden of managing the return of employees and visitors to the workplace. Enterprise frontline workers include physical security, EHS professionals, facility and reception employees. These roles are now responsible for leading workplace preparedness and enforcing health and safety measures to protect everyone onsite. Traction Guest Frontline equips them with touchless pre-registration, pre-screening and scanning-in of high volumes of employees, visitors and contractors. It also expedites group check-ins, manages queues, facilitates capacity management, executes roll calls, checks against watchlists, supports contact tracing and manages package deliveries – all from a single app.

Frontline provides critical capabilities at a time when employees have rising fears about going back to the office. In new research published today, 85% of enterprise employees reported that their physical health and safety in the workplace is a greater concern now than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the majority of employees surveyed are worried about going to their organization’s office, warehouse or physical worksite for the remainder of 2020.

“Front office workers are more important than ever – and they’ve never been more at risk. The first to interact with people coming onsite, they’re continually exposed to health threats. The pandemic has also added to their traditional duties. They are now responsible for protecting the health and safety of everyone onsite, enforcing new safety and security protocols and complying with changing regulations,” said Keith Metcalfe, CEO at Traction Guest. “Enterprise frontline workers need more than just PPE while they perform their jobs. We developed our Frontline mobile app to help them protect the wellbeing of employees and visitors.”

The Traction Guest Frontline mobile app, which works on iOS and Android, puts the power of the entire Traction Guest platform and ZeroTouch™ capabilities into the hands of those on the enterprise frontline. New features enable designated staff to use their mobile device to: 

  • Deploy a completely touchless solution that enforces pandemic-prevention protocols and enables a fully contact-free sign-in/sign-out experience – no kiosk required
  • Invite and pre-screen employees and visitors before granting onsite access, ensuring compliance with location-specific visitor limitations
  • Quickly notify invitees, check watchlists, delete invites and issue QR codes directly from the app
  • Educate employees and visitors on proper visit procedures and personal protective equipment (PPE) usage
  • Expedite group check-ins helping to manage lobby queues more efficiently and while enforcing social distancing
  • Track location capacity limits relative to the number of expected/signed-in guests, helping to decrease check-in time for faster queue management and fewer exposure windows
  • Manage deliveries and notify employees to pick up their deliveries without coming into contact with another person
  • Receive watchlist notifications for employees and visitors deemed high risk, with the ability to revoke onsite invitation
  • Execute a roll call and distribute evacuation notifications in the event of an emergency, to account for each person onsite
  • Implement contact tracing when a person who was onsite tests positive for COVID-19, as well as identify and communicate the risk to exposed parties


The Traction Guest Frontline mobile app and enterprise platform enhancements are available now at www.tractionguest.com

About Traction Guest.

Traction Guest ensures safety and security for employees, contractors and essential visitors – wherever they work – through its Workforce Security Platform. The platform provides the most advanced enterprise visitor management system (VMS), health and safety controls, critical outreach and alerting, as well as analytics and auditing functionality.

Ideal for today’s hybrid workplace, Traction Guest helps employers across dozens of industries demonstrably enforce workforce safety and security procedures so that workers can connect and collaborate with confidence.

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