Office reopening best practices for back to work.

Learn more about how you can protect
your facilities, employees and visitors
while complying with social distancing
and safety guidelines.

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Mobile App.

Employee-focused solutions help keep people safe as businesses reopen. Enable back to work strategies with employee capacity management, shift scheduling, deliveries and touchless sign in for a safe and compliant on-site operations.

    • Automate proactive safety screening, visit instructions and document sign-off prior to a site visit with the Dynamic Registration Portal.
    • Enable a touchless sign experience via the autonomous kiosk with ZeroTouch sign-in or mobile QR code scan.
    • Manage capacity for each location with on-site visit tracking in-app or in the command center.
    • Set up on-site shift access by arranging group appointments and self registration for anyone approved to be on-site.
    • Eliminate queues with invite scheduling and scalable QR code mobile sign in.
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  • Reopening
    planning resources.

    Traction Guest

    Employee capacity management and on-site visit system of record for Salesforce

    • Capacity management dashboards
    • Capacity violations trends
    • Central system for on-site visit records

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    COVID essential operations.

    risk evolution.

    Explore the different stages of risk management below to find resources that are right for you.

    • Visitors move freely and not always with a specific business purpose (ie lunch)
    • Employees enter/exit freely via access control system
    • No travel restrictions
    • No consideration given to employee home life (exposure)
    • Visitors restricted to business need, screening questions to determine risk of exposure - some denied entry
    • Employees move freely via access control system
    • Travel restricted to none or with valid business need
    • Employees with known exposure asked to work remotely
    • Essential visitors for sites still in operation - screened the same as employees
    • Essential employees only - screened for exposure and symptoms before entry
    • Travel shutdown
    • Employees with exposure not allowed; testing available
    • Essential visitors only - screened the same as employees - exposure, symptoms including temperature
    • Optional for employees to come to office; limited capacity, phased re-entry; workstations reconfigured, social areas off limits
    • Little to no travel
    • Response mechanism in place to report and respond to threats of exposure
    • All visitors allowed with justification; health and safety risk management added to screening procedures and check-in process; visitor pre-registration
    • Employees move freely but embrace touchless access controls
    • Travel resumes with justification
    • Processes in place for employees to report exposure to health and safety risks early on
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    Note from
    the CEO.

    COVID-19 Update

    As every person, company, and entity grapples with the outbreak of COVID-19, we found ourselves in no different a position. Watch more to learn how we, as a company, plan to operate moving forward during these uncertain times and how we can help you with your risk management strategy.

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