Ensure compliance
to current regulations and future demands.

Comply with Ontario’s mandatory COVID-19 screening requirements through a fully customizable solution addressing pre and post-visit concerns.

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Reduce risk and improve employee experience with enterprise visitor management.

Responding to Covid-19 requires a solution that addresses mandatory compliance requirements, builds confidence in employees, and reduces litigation risks.

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Implement compliant screening protocols.

Screening is about more than just a form. It’s ensuring the form is readily available, easily updated, and consistently used. Visitor Management is designed to handle exactly this kind of workflow, no matter your organization's size or structure.

Flexible pre-visit initiations options.

Screening protocols start long before staff arrive. With flexible invitation/initiation options, you can tailor your processes to meet management's risk tolerance and resource availability.

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Auditable and actionable data.

Information (including possible health information) is safely managed in an enterprise-grade environment to facilitate data retention policy compliance, future analytics, post-visit communications, and more.

Employee processing.

  • Employees are invited to register.
  • Upon registration the mandatory Ontario screening questions are presented.
  • Additional questions, NDAs, waivers, videos, can also be presented.
  • If screening is passed successfully, individual QR code is issued.
  • On site, QR code is scanned to confirm screening measures before entry is granted.


Each organization has unique risk considerations and resource availability. Traction Guest’s Enterprise Visitor Management Platform provides flexible options including registering and screening employees and essential visitors.

  1. On-site walk up: ensure mandatory screening with limited resource strain.
  2. On-line self-serve: minimize the risk of site contamination and commuting demands.
  3. Managed site access: restrict location specific access to support employee bubbles and capacity planning.
  4. Scheduled access: control time and place permissions for all individuals.
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See how Traction Guest can help your organization achieve compliance.

Ontario mandatory screening package.

To help Ontario companies achieve compliance with the new screening guidelines, Traction Guest has developed a ‘quick start’ package which includes:

  • 1x Enhanced software licence
  • 2 x Frontline mobile receptionist’s app
  • 1 x Kiosk license
  • Appointments module
  • Access to brandable registration portal
  • Unlimited employee and essential visitor sign-ins
  • Pre-built Ontario compliant screening template*
  • Professional Services*

For Enterprise organizations the Traction Guest Enterprise Visitor Management Platform supports additional integrations, multilingual preparations, multi-site deployments, and hundreds of other features.
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