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iPad and/or scanners.

Uncomprimised Visitor Experience
Uncompromised Visitor Experience. No restrictions that would impact your visitor.
Encourage Hosting
Per Device Pricing. No limits on number of visitors, hosts or locations.
Pricing Discounts
Volume Discounts Apply. The more you add, the less you pay.
Unlimited Support
Leading Customer Support. We are always here to help.
30 Day Cancellation
30 Day Cancellation. We’ll deliver, if not, you don’t pay.
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Features at a Glance
Highlight Features Essential Plus Enhanced Complete
Unlimited visitors and hosts?
Unlimited sign-in flows?
Unlimited notifications (email, SMS or Slack)?
Photo/ID capture?
Customizable branding?
Legal document signing?
Badge printing (red, black & white)?
Outstanding customer support?
Regional data center?
Multiple administrators?
Event management?
Custom user roles with Permission Bundles?
Connect to any printer?
Single Sign-On ?
Custom integrations with guestConnect?
24/7 Support ?
ID/passport scanning?
Separate data instance?
Onsite training?
General Manager, Purosil LLC

“Very easy to customize to my requirements – the best of all the other solutions I reviewed. The SaaS service is very reliable!”

5 Star Rating
IT Director, JCC Atlanta

“Great product with an excellent set of features. Customer support is outstanding in its response time and ability to help.”

5 Star Rating
Operations Coordinator, Apeel Sciences

“Traction Guest has made our check-in process so much faster. It’s saved us a lot of time and our visitors love it too.”

5 Star Rating
Why Traction Guest?
Why Traction Guest
Unparalleled customizability in designing personalized sign-in experiences for unique visitor requirements.
Speed of new feature development based on your needs and ideas. Guest is always innovating.
5-Stars for all reviews on customer support, ensuring you can make the most of your software.
Client Patagonia
Client Vice
Client DocuSign
Client Aramark
Client ThermoFisher
Full Features List
Visitor Experience Essential Plus Enhanced Complete
Self-Check-In on iPad?
Tailored sign-in experience?
First sign-in memory?
QR code scanning?
Multiple languages?
Customizable visitor confirmation emails?
Calendar integration?
Manual or automatic sign-out?
Assisted-Check-In with ID scanners?
Host Experience Essential Plus Enhanced Complete
Unlimited visitors?
Unlimited hosts?
Arrival notifications (email, SMS, Slack)?
Acknowledge button?
Security notification button?
Visitor pre-registration by employees?
Send watchlist alerts?
24/7 Support ?
Admin Experience Essential Plus Enhanced Complete
Create unlimited custom sign-in flows?
Manage multiple locations?
Consolidated visitor data?
Centralised admin console?
Live guest book?
Guest history?
Export historical sign-in?
In-app search?
Offline mode and alerts?
Legal document signing (with expiry)?
Multiple pictures (front and rear camera)?
Questionnaire form?
Video integration?
Pre-register visitors?
Customizable email templates?
Salesforce one-step integration?
Visitor notes?
Add visitors to watchlist?
Multiple account admins?
Salesforce field mapping?
Custom user roles with Permission Bundles?
Single Sign-On ?
Safety & Security Essential Plus Enhanced Complete
Roll-call view for emergency?
Customizable notifications and alerts?
Visual identification?
Legal document signing?
ID/passport scanning?
Visitor Badges Essential Plus Enhanced Complete
Design visitor badges?
Print in red, black & white?
Reprint badges?
Expiring badges and badge tags?
Connect to multiple printers at once?
Connect to any badge printer?
Events Essential Plus Enhanced Complete
Create multiple events?
Check-in via iPad and print badge?
Online registration/ticketing ?
Manual pre-registration via CSV upload?
Review attendance?
Upload attendees to CRM?
Export attendee list?
Configure scanning iPads?
Support Essential Plus Enhanced Complete
Email support
Phone support
Live chat
Remote platform diagnostic capability
Online knowledge base?
Video tutorials?
Onsite training?
Integrations Essential Plus Enhanced Complete
Google Drive Integration?
Active Directory Integration?
Slack Integration?
DocuSign Integration?
Salesforce Integration?
Eventbrite Integration?
Contractor Compliance Integration?
Visual Compliance?
International Trade Administration?
Outlook Integration?
Platform Essential Plus Enhanced Complete
Access platform on any device?
Automated updates?
Regional data center?
Separate data instance?

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