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Leverage visitor data, simplify your processes and configure workflows by connecting Traction Guest with your technology ecosystem.

Cisco ISE Logo
Cisco ISE

Leverage Guest Connect to integrate with Cisco ISE to enable Traction Guest visitor or employee info to be sent sent to ISE. Wifi credentials are created and then returned to the iPad and the Traction Guest platform.

Smart lights Logo
Smart lights

Leverage Guest Connect to activate Philips Hue, Nanoleaf, Lifx lights based on watchlist or visitor data.

SAML 2.0 Logo
SAML 2.0

Automatically upload employees as hosts with SAML 2.0. Once connected, visitors can instantly notify the right people of their arrival.

Genetec Logo

Integrate Traction Guest with Genetec to provision and deprovision badges and establish access levels unique to specific locations.

Finscan Logo

Reduce risk and ensure compliance by screening visitors against lists of individuals affiliated with money laundering and terrorist financing activity.

Integration Point Logo
Integration Point

Screen your customers and suppliers against 350+ global lists for restricted persons, embargoed countries, and companies that are owned by these denied entities.

Proxy Logo

Integrate with Proxy’s digital identity platform to create fully touchless lobby experience, enabling people to use their smartphones and wearables as their IDs and Visitor Passes and enjoy zero-touch access to buildings and check-ins.

Power Automate Logo
Power Automate

Use Microsoft Power Automate to automate tasks using events and triggers in Traction Guest with other Flow connector applications.
*Requires Office 365 subscription

Google Drive Logo
Google Drive

Manage and store completed visitor documents in Google Drive. Easily access files whenever you need them.

Slack Logo

Deliver visitor arrival notifications directly to your employees using Slack.

Active Directory Logo
Active Directory

Automatically upload employees as hosts with Active Directory. Once connected, visitors can instantly notify the right people of their arrival.

DocuSign Logo

Integrate with your DocuSign account and capture a visitor’s e-signature on legal documents as part of the sign-in process.

Contractor Compliance Logo
Contractor Compliance

Leverage Guest Connect to integrate with Contractor Compliance, making sure your contractors are certified and meet compliance requirements by screening this visitor type at check-in.

ITA Logo

Scan visitors against the free consolidated screening lists by the International Trade Administration (ITA).

Descartes Visual  Compliance Logo
Descartes Visual Compliance

Increase your security by screening visitors against third-party watchlists with the international trade compliance software, Visual Compliance.

ISN Logo

Leverage Guest Connect to integrate with Traction Guest, verifying the grade of a contractor and notifying a member of the team if the contractor is not allowed to work. ** Requires AirTable for Notifications.

Everbridge Logo

Leverage Guest Connect to integrate Everbridge and Traction Guest enabling complete visibility of visitors, while adding the capability to immediately contact and alert guests with real-time emergency updates.

BluJay Denied Party Screening Logo
BluJay Denied Party Screening

Leverage Guest Connect to integrate with BlueJay Denied Party Screening, by sending guest info to BluJay for screening and validation. Based on the outcome, BluJay sends the notifications, updating 3rd party native watchlist status.

Okta Logo

Automatically upload employees as hosts with Okta. Once connected, visitors can instantly notify the right people of their arrival.

Airtable Logo

Leverage Guest Connect to integrate Traction Guest with Airtable, so that data can be added to or recalled from a spreadsheet. Use the power of Airtable as a middle layer to trigger actions, notifications and flows.

“The most helpful feature is the Salesforce integration. We have been able to reduce the amount of manual data entry performed by our staff by using Traction Guest..”
Data Operations Manager
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