Improve employee confidence for return-to-work.

As organizations begin calling staff back to the office; keep everyone safe -- employees, contractors, essential visitors, suppliers, and anyone else in physical contact with your facility.

Help bring staff back to your facility safely and confidently.

Return to work plans must address duty of care, compliance and risk management responsibilities, and build employee confidence.

Implement robust screening protocols.

Screening, health questionnaires, and even temperature checks are just the beginning -- organizations need to manage the localized workflows, incorporate additional assets (updates, waivers, policies, etc.), and ensure consistent availability.

Flexible pre-visit initiation options.

Return to work begins long before staff arrives on site. With flexible invitation/initiation options, you can tailor your processes to meet management's risk tolerance and resource availability.

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Actionable, auditable, and secure data.

Get real-time facility insights to support analytics, management reviews, capacity planning, and more. Ensure that information (including health information and PII) is safely managed in an enterprise-grade environment for data retention and policy compliance.

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Communication and reinforcement.

Leverage granular data to communicate duty of care and risk mitigation success to management. Additionally, facilitate employee engagements around post-visit support, contact tracing, and outbreak notifications.

Easy employee access.

  • Employees are invited to register.
  • Upon registration, staff can be issued a mandatory health attestation.
  • Additional questions, NDAs, waivers, videos, can also be presented.
  • If screening is passed successfully, an individual QR code is issued.
  • On-site, QR code is scanned to confirm screening measures before entry is granted.

administrative options.

Each organization has unique risk considerations and resource availability. Traction Guest’s Enterprise Visitor Management Platform provides flexible options including registering and screening employees and essential visitors.

  1. On-site walk-up: ensure mandatory screening with limited resource strain.
  2. Online self-serve: minimize the risk of site contamination and commuting demands.
  3. Managed site access: restrict location-specific access to support employee bubbles and capacity planning.
  4. Scheduled access: control time and place permissions for all individuals.

Reopening planning resources.

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