Return to work

Be confident bringing your workforce back safely.

As organizations return to work, keeping everyone safe and secure is the main priority in, what is now, a hybrid work dynamic.

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Hybrid working

The reimagined workforce is a hybrid one where employees come to various workplaces on custom schedules.

For many organizations hybrid work dynamics are replacing the traditional Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 structure. While employees may work remotely, they will increasingly require access to office space or other facilities from time to time leaving security leaders needing to manage employees in the same way they have historically viewed visitors or contractors - everyone’s a guest. In many cases, employees coming to the workplace now need to be invited, complete pre-registration protocols, be assigned temporary or different physical access, and even be provisioned specific desks or other facilities. Gaining entry to their workspace has changed.

office - hot desks

Health and safety

Health screening and proof of vaccination are part of the return to work strategy.

As employees return to work, health and safety are top of mind. Emboldened employees want confidence that they are returning to a safe working environment – 90.6% of employees indicating they will take action if their employer fails to create a safe onsite work environment. Employers are instituting new health screening processes that include daily questionnaires and implementing proof of vaccination programs that include workflows for both vaccinated and unvaccinated employees.

Employers have a high duty of care expectations and need to mitigate the risk of potential exposure, leading to illness in the workforce, loss of production, brand reputation, and possibly regional violations of compliance standards that could result in fines or penalties.

Office entry top view - multiple people coming in and out
Office entry top view - multiple people coming in and out
Space booking

Maintain capacity limits and allow employees to book the space they need at the office.

The modern, hybrid organization is flexible and requires workforce security approaches that are equally agile. Adapting your office to become as dynamic as your workforce - if done effectively - allows employers to optimize their workspace while maintaining the highest health and safety standards. Employers can maintain government-imposed capacity limits while allowing employees to use space booking tools to select the workspace they need - desks, offices, or boardrooms.

Employers can gain greater insight into their office’s operation, and know when they are most likely to reach mass capacity when to set cleaning schedules, and how often space is being used.

Emergency alerts

Knowing exactly who is in each facility is critical to mitigating risk in an emergency.

The hybrid workforce presents unique challenges to security and operational professionals who need to determine who is in their facilities at a moment’s notice. In the event of an emergency or security incident, knowing what people are currently in your facility, or who was at your facility during a possible Covid outbreak, can mitigate risk for those employees – and for the organization.

As part of new safety procedures, gaining insight into the movements of employees is critical. Employees, not to mention contractors and other visitors can be alerted to on site situations that require immediate action (eg. Fire, active shooter, etc.) accurate roll calls can be initiated at muster points, and contact tracing can be supported when needed.

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Workforce Security Platform

Bring your workforce back safely with Traction Guest.

A return to work strategy requires employers to reimagine how their workplace functions to increase health and safety, and to mitigate risk. With Traction Guest’s Workforce Security Platform, bring your employees back to work safely, while maintaining compliance and increasing employee confidence.

Invite first entryCreate a web-based registration portal and schedule invitations with no development skills. Invite employees and have them complete registration to secure the time, location, and even desk, for their visit.

Health screeningRequire health screening to be completed prior to employees and visitors entering your facility. Collect proof of vaccination or establish workflows, escalations, or watchlists, for unvaccinated employees, to ensure a safer working environment.

Touchless entryFor safe entry, utilize Traction Guest’s ZeroTouch entry process for a touchless experience. Guests can receive an entry QR code on any mobile device after completing pre-registration and scan their code at any entry kiosk.

Manage capacity limitsGain insight into who is in your facility and who may be coming to ensure you meet capacity limits. Administrators can use Frontline, Traction Guest’s mobile app, to see how many people are on-site and how many are expected, in order to manage capacity regulations.

Employee tracing and roll callWith a hybrid workforce and employees coming in and out, knowing who’s on-site can be challenging. With real-time information from Traction Guest, easily and accurately support contact tracing, employee alerts, roll calls, and more.

Space bookingSupport for desk reservation or hot-desking by leveraging any of Traction Guest’s space booking integration partners for a truly end-to-end workforce security solution.

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