Secure, Integrated
Visitor Management
for the Enterprise

Traction Guest is the most customizable cloud visitor management platform, empowering you to design intuitive sign-in experiences based on your business and visitor requirements.

Client Netflix
Client DocuSign
Client Vice
Client GKN
Client ThermoFisher
G2 Spring Leader 2019
Compliance Manager, Bandy Manufacturing LLC
“Checks all the boxes for Aerospace.”
IT Officer, Unilever
“Provides a 99% better surveillance capability.”
Facilities Manager, Kerry Ingredients
“Collects all the required documentation and then stores it electronically for audits.”
Why Traction Guest?
Why Traction Guest?
Security – our rigorous protocol keeps your data, facility and people safe
Scalability – grow your business along with our constantly expanding suite of features and software integrations
Customizability – adjust your visitor experiences for different locations, events and visitor types
Support – our 5-Star team makes onboarding easy and helps you get the most of the platform

The Only Cloud VMS with ID Verification

Assisted-Check-In (ACI) enables security personnel to authenticate government-issued ID with airport-grade scanning technology. Pair ACI with the iPad-based Self-Check-In process for the experience and security required of today's enterprise.

Traction Guest and a Gemalto Scanner

Features that set us apart

Experience Editor

Custom guest sign-in experiences based on who they are and why they're visiting


Have visitors sign NDA's and waivers, and view safety briefs or other information

Watchlists & Alerts

Screen visitors against watchlists and alert security personnel to threats; notify hosts of arrivals


Capture visitor information at multiple locations worldwide and keep your data up-to-date

Security Compliance

Collect the visitor data you need to meet various security audit requirements

ID Scanning

First VMS to use high-volume scanners to verify government-issued ID quickly and reliably

The Ideal VMS for Enterprises
Provide hosts and guests with an intuitive experience
Manage multiple entry points or locations
Standardize the check-in process for your organization
Meet security, compliance and data residency standards
Why Traction Guest?

Proven Safety and Security

When it comes to data residence, security and service, Traction Guest is second to none.

We are one of the very few VMS platforms that have achieved a SOC 2 Type-1 Attestation. SOC 2 is a set of data security and service controls that can only be achieved and maintained through ongoing, company-wide commitment.

Integrate with systems that drive your business

The advantages of Traction Guest don’t end in the lobby — we integrate with industry-defining business software to make the most of every visitor.

Our extensive suite of integrations with strategic systems, along with your own GuestConnect integrations, allows you to leverage and consolidate visitor data to create a more harmonious visitor and host experience that strengthens security.

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