Visitor management system (VMS) & tracking software.

Traction Guest provides organizations with a single, low-code tool to secure, manage, and govern an entire cycle of visitor operations with a visitor management system (VMS) that makes welcoming applicants, contractors, partners, customers, vendors, and your workforce as seamless as can be.

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Visitor management system, tracking, and registration software.

Traction Guest provides organizations with a single, low-code tool to secure, manage, and govern an entire cycle of visitor operations with a visitor management system (VMS) that makes welcoming applicants, contractors, partners, customers, vendors, and your workforce as seamless as can be.

Transform the visitor management experience.

Traction Guest transforms the visitor management experience for visitors and hosts, from pre-registration to their visit and beyond. Gain a better understanding of who is coming to your site, what capacity limits you have, real-time facility attendance tracking, and more. Control the visitor entry process with unique workflows, easily customized for each location’s specific security requirements.

visitor management experience

visitor sign in

Contactless visitor management tools with mobile sign-in app.

Enable touchless registration and entry into any facility with Traction Guest’s ZeroTouch™ mobile sign-in process. Increase your facility’s safety and protect the health of your workforce by pre-screening visitors before they arrive, track who is on-site, and accelerate sign-in with touchless scanning of QR codes.

Access control
system integration.

Set the rules and control the people entering your building. With access control systems integrated into your workforce security platform, easily determine how people may enter your location, what questions and compliance procedures they need to follow and ensure only those who pass gain entry. Traction Guest has over 30 access control system integrations, including Lenel, Genetec, and many others.

Learn more about access control

Access control

Deploy watchlist capabilities to maintain compliance.

Maintain the highest safety standards and comply with regulatory requirements, including ITAR with Traction Guest’s integrations to watchlists such as FedCheck, ITA, the Consolidated Screening List, Contractor Compliance, and Visual Compliance. Additionally, create internal watchlists to trigger alerts when a visitor of concern arrives — e.g., former employees, unwelcome employee-partners, competitors, etc. Maintain the highest level of security and compliance by automating your visitor management system to include watchlist screening procedures.

Let your brand welcome your guests.

Create a visual impact when welcoming your guests and workforce, and build an experience that makes each visit productive and memorable. Install kiosk stands, wall mounts, or tabletop stands with your brand’s style, and configure Traction Guest’s visitor management software to meet your brand’s guidelines or match specific location needs.

Branded visitor experience

Visitor management system built for enterprise.

Employee and guest management system for complex enterprise-grade facilities, Traction Guest scales globally, and can be configured to location-specific needs. All the while, delivering various levels of security and compliance requirements – from a single, centralized system.

Enterprise structure

Enterprise security management system.

Data residency, SOC 2, single or multi-tenant options. Enterprise security management for software, platform servers and data. Learn more about out platform security sistem to keep your data safe.

Security and trust



Multiple locations, visitors and employees, localization, high volume visitor entry management system, centralized platform, standardization & automation.

Multi-location standardization

Customize visitor experiences with the Workflow Editor.

Build the experience you want for your visitors with a highly customizable, low-code, visitor management system. Create unique experiences that address each location’s specific security and organizational requirements—all created, managed, and controlled centrally.

Experience Workflow Editor

Workforce security integration

Re-imagining workforce security in a post-pandemic world.

Discover how operations, facilities, HR, and security staff are implementing a more inclusive security approach to the post-pandemic workplace.

Health attestation.

Reduce health risks by including proof of vaccination and health questionnaires in your entry process. Individuals scheduled to be on-site can attest to their vaccination status and upload proof-of-vaccination photos (or recent negative tests) for review and audit. Build multi-factor screening processes for specific jurisdictions and site-specific requirements through customizable workflows within the Traction Guest visitor management app.

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Traction Guest mobile app interface

Mobile host solution.

Traction Guest’s Frontline mobile app keeps people safe and businesses operational with a mobile solution for hosts, security, and receptionists. Control information remotely, such as entrants of guests and capacity limits, from your Frontline mobile app. Scan people rapidly to reduce bottlenecks in hallways and at entrances. And manage deliveries with notifications and alerts to hosts when packages are scanned, reducing lobby and mailroom clutter.

Integrate with leading third party solutions.

Leverage our flexible platform with one of our many integration partners to build a complete visitor experience. Traction Guest continues to add to our impressive lineup of partners to offer you flexibility in your visitor management system. Easily extend the platform’s power by integrating with other software providers through our Catalyst Partner Program or our Guest Connect API to reimagine your workforce safety seamlessly.