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Protect your workforce with an integrated visitor management system and access control solution to enhance security and compliance.

Read how the Scottish Rugby Union controls contractor access.

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Access control system with Traction Guest

Modernize access control system.

Pre-register guests through Traction Guest and supply your workforce and visitors with QR codes to scan at the sign-in kiosk for a modern, touchless experience using ZeroTouch to automate the sign-in experience for anyone coming into your facility.

Ensure employee health and safety.

Through Traction Guest’s visitor management system, require all employees, contractors, and visitors to complete compliance screening and health attestation questionnaires, and provide proof of vaccination, before swiping through any access control system, ensuring they are properly screened to protect your workforce against internal and external risks.

iPad + compliances requests on screen

Illustration showing how you can change access control options from one interface

Control access through one interface.

Visitor information is synchronized with your access control system, facilitating visitor badge printing with different credentials depending on the type of visitor, while activating or deactivating access control of key cards, fobs, and mobile devices at control points.

Unique access security.

Provide the right level of visitor access to specific locations and visitor types. For multiple locations, set security standards at each location for what type of visitor is granted access to which specific area, ensuring complete security and compliance at all locations.

illustration - multiple location with different access control levels

Partner with leading access control vendors.

Traction Guest integrates with over 30 access control vendors to help you build out a complete and customized experience for your organization. Integrate your access control system with our Workforce Security Platform to provide a seamless visitor experience and enhance health and safety controls.

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