The Traction Guest Workforce Security Platform ensures safety for all employees, contractors, and essential visitors, wherever they work.

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What is our Workforce Security Platform?

Traction Guest's Workforce Security Platform provides the most advanced enterprise visitor management system, health and safety controls, critical outreach and alerting, as well as for analytics and auditing functionality. It's used across dozens of highly regulated, and security-conscious industries so that workers can connect and collaborate with confidence. With the Experience Workflow Editor technology, users can develop workflow automation that reflects real-world applications, ensuring the safety and security of the entire workforce.

Enterprise visitor management system.

Secure, manage and govern an entire cycle of visitor operations with one complete visitor management system, designed to handle the complexity and flexibility of today’s workplaces. Keep sites secure, employees safe and meet compliance requirements with a visitor management software.

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Workforce health
and safety.

Workplace health and safety should be on top of everyone’s mind, so protect your entire workforce across multiple locations with health and safety procedures in place for all your employees, contractors, and guests that come through your doors. From health attestations to watchlists and background checks, to contractor insurance and certification validation – maintain compliance and protect your entire workforce with Traction Guest’s health and safety software.


Critical outreach
and alerting.

Create an ongoing engagement cycle through the Workforce Security Platform. Have site guests and employees register in advance of their visit and complete detailed screening as required.

In the event of an incident, know exactly who’s where, and be able to get information to everyone interacting with your facility. Alert employees, contractors, and visitors in the event of an emergency situation to keep them safe and secure. And maintain contact with anyone that’s been on-site to support incident follow-up, contact tracing, safety satisfaction surveys, and more. Build alerts into your Workforce Security Platform to notify staff when guests, contractors, and deliveries arrive.

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Auditing and analytics.

Gain valuable insights into your facility with analytics, real-time data, and auditing controls. Build custom dashboards to report on the health and safety of your facility, building security, compliance and watchlist alert counts, and much more to have an accurate understanding of the operations of your locations.

Workforce Security Platform: Creating a safe and secure workplace for all.

Ensure a safe and secure workplace for employees, contractors, and essential visitors with an innovative Workforce Security Platform.

Automate your location-specific safety processes.

Traction Guest’s Experience Workflow Editor low-code interface allows you to build sophisticated workflows, automate actions, and create location specific customized experiences — all controlled from a centrally managed tool.

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Integrate your Workforce Security Platform.

Easily extend the power of the platform by integrating with other software providers through our Catalyst Partner Program or our Guest Connect API to seamlessly reimagine your workforce safety.